Mother’s Day: Members of Congress receive Renzo Costa wallets from Congress President Jose Williams | Congress

They did not answer if their purchase of purses from Congress was done by service order. Photo: Composition Jazmin Ceras/ La República

Congress President, Jose Williams, gifted Congresswomen a Renzo Costa purse for Mother’s Day. Accreditation with the support of the Board of Directors was distributed this Thursday, May 11, morning, with breakfast. Seat of Assembly, According to sources, this media reported.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for your tireless work as a Member of Parliament. But, above all, for her noble work as a mother. The brave sacrifices they make every day to support their families and work for Peru deserve applause and admiration,” said the cover letter Williams sent with the wallet.

“The Board of Directors of the Congress of the Republic pays tribute and recognizes you for your support and encouragement of your family,” the letter added.

Gifts they received for Mother’s Day. Photo: Twitter/Martin Hidalgo

It was not clarified by the Director General of Parliamentary Administration, though it was not specified whether Williams’s account for the Parliamentary Mothers was out of her own pocket or from the Congress treasury. Pablo Noriega Vinces, contacted by La República, did not respond to questions.

I cannot provide the information, please send your request through the transparency portal“Noriega Vince reiterated the times he was asked if purchases made by the chairman of the board of directors were made by service order.

Similarly, this media contacted a senior Congress functionary, Javier Adolfo Angeles Illmanwho indicated that he was unaware of the Renzo Costa wallet provided by Jose Williams.

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“I don’t know about wallet delivery. I don’t have the knowledge,” he sentenced.

In this regard, it is necessary to observe a wallet Renzo Costa is rated between 300 soles and 700 soles depending on the model you choose.

Renzo Costa spells it out on a wallet given to Congressmen by Jose Williams

In this regard, Congress leader Jose Williams spoke about Renzo Costa’s presentation of wallets to members of parliament on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The Avanza País legislator did not hesitate to point out that the prize was awarded every year and that it was done at a “reasonable” price.

“The cost is reasonable and it’s something that’s done every year and it’s reasonable,” Jose Williams said in the chamber before the plenary session of Congress ended. With this, the President of the Parliament confirms that the money for the purchase of the Renzo Costa purses came from the treasury of the Assembly.

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