NASA confirms what everyone thinks about Armageddon

NASA confirms what everyone thinks about Armageddon

Armageddon1998 movie directed by Michael Bay and acted Bruce Willis not only captivated millions of viewers with his spectacular personality, but also generated laughter and curiosity among NASA experts and the scientific community.. Despite its scientific errors, The space agency found an educational use for the film.

According to him Astronomer Bill Blade, scientific accuracy in the film was sacrificed in favor of visual spectacle. Given that It considers it an imprecise carnival that defies real knowledge of space and asteroids.

One of the most glaring errors is the attempt to destroy an asteroid with a nuke of epic proportions.. Also, the idea of ​​manually drilling a nuclear bomb into space would be unthinkable to NASA.

Despite this, The US space agency found 168 significant technical and scientific errors in the film. truly, was used Armageddon As a tool to teach new astronauts what not to do in critical space situations.

Although the film is far from science fiction, it remains one of the most popular of the science fiction genre. But if you’re looking for more scientific accuracy, the astronomer explained that the blight image Deep impact (Deep impact), published in the same year ArmageddonA more realistic representation of an asteroid impact on Earth.

The film takes us to an apocalyptic scenario where an oil rig crew becomes Earth’s last hope against an asteroid the size of Texas.s. Although the production had the advice and cooperation of NASA and strove to represent advanced space technology, scientific accuracy was pushed aside in favor of visual spectacle.

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In the words Neil deGrasse TysonAnother prominent critic of scientific errors in film, Armageddon It holds the record for the film that defied the laws of physics for one minute. Only left over moon fall (Lunar influenceReleased in 2022.

NASA warns that an asteroid could hit Earth

NASA has warned of the possibility of an asteroid hitting Earth in July 2038., which could have apocalyptic consequences for our planet. Although this scene is depicted in several films, NASA says This threat is real and has a 72% chance of happening.

In a simulation exercise carried out in April this year, it was determined that the impact could be at the regional level or even at the country level.. However, due to the considerable time gap between now and 2038, There is great uncertainty about the exact consequences of this potential astronomical event.

In the words Lindley JohnsonA former planetary protection officer at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C A major asteroid impact may be the only natural disaster that humanity can predict years in advance and take preventative measures against.. It is for this reason that NASA launched the Planetary Defense Strategy and Action Plan, which establishes areas of focus for the next 10 years.

It is important to highlight that These types of simulation exercises not only help prepare for real situations but also help identify and resolve potential problems that may arise.. As accurate information about asteroid impacts is still scarce, global awareness of these types of threats needs to be increased.

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