NASA reveals the costumes astronauts wore for Halloween on the International Space Station

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released a series of photos of several astronauts celebrating Halloween aboard the International Space Station.

In a publication on its website, NASA revealed the creative costumes astronauts have designed over the years on the space station, and which they have created with materials available on-site.

“While there may not be ghosts or goblins or trick-or-treaters knocking on the front hatch door of the International Space Station, crew members in orbit like to get into the Halloween spirit.“, the company stated on its website.

Astronauts from different nations can be seen in the pictures wearing sometimes scary, sometimes terrifying costumes, but with a high degree of creativity.

In the first series of films, 2007 Halloween Celebration Astronaut Clayton C. Seen during AndersonFrom NASA Expedition 16, He wears a black cape that represents “his inner vampire”.

Likewise, Expedition 21’s flight engineer, a NASA astronaut, is seen Nicole B. StatWHO Shows off her dress recreating a wide orange skirt.

NASA astronaut Christina H. Koch, European Space Agency astronaut Luca S. Parmitano, NASA astronaut Andrew R. “Drew” Morgan and NASA astronaut Jessica Yu. Other photos show members of Expedition 61, including Meyer.

Clothing that represents a video game Mario Bros.Movie spider manAs well as epic Star Wars, decorate NASA’s photo gallery during Halloween celebrations in space. ““The Terror Continues”That’s what NASA says.

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