NASA will build a telescope to look for habitable planets and potential replacements for Earth

NASA will build a telescope to look for habitable planets and potential replacements for Earth

A telescoping robot that could be one of the US space agency’s most important missions would be ideal for finding worlds capable of supporting life and non-human species.

NASA’s new project. Photo: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Imagery Laboratory

The National Astronomy and Space Administration (NASA) started the project “Livable World Observatory” This includes the construction of a telescope capable of searching space for habitable planets.

Yes right It takes a decade to implement such a technologyThe United States space agency is already developing instruments to support the program.

NASA photo: Reuters NASA photo: Reuters

Works will commence in September this year and remain on budget 17.5 million dollars.

Will Anders on the Apollo 8 mission Photo: Reuters video capture.

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Details of the telescope announced by NASA to study habitable planets

The project is expected to be launched A large space telescope will operate in orbitWhose job will be Photograph of Earth-like planets moving around a starThe world we live in is like the sun.

The device also reads the atmosphere Signs of extraterrestrial life: It will look for substances like oxygen and methane, as well as other signals that indicate the presence of life.

Planets.  Photo: Pixabay. Planets far away from our solar system will be searched for. Photo: Pixabay.

Also, it is noteworthy that three companies participated in this project. NASA will have control over the entire process The result will allow them to plan the development and construction phase of the work.

In this way, work does not progress in isolation, but rather researchers draw on experiences and learnings. The James Webb Space Telescope And the next one Telescope Nancy Grace RomanIts release forecast is 2027.

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