NASA’s Psych probe will incorporate a revolutionary laser communications system

In the 21st century, the exploration of the universe requires a new kind of communication, fast and reliable.

A picture of the installation of the communication system on board the Psyche.

Man has been able to travel through the solar system through NASA missions and other agencies. However, we continue to have A Basic communication system In space, via radio waves, can be released Obsolete In a few years, if the project linked to the Psych study is successful.

A new era of deep space communications on a ship exploring a strange asteroid

Thanks Information published on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory pageI was able to find out a little more about what DSCO project, short for Optical Communications in Deep Space. The He studied the soul will be launched in October and will include a ExchangerA device capable of transmitting and receiving signals, Near infrared laser.

The Psychology is the main task That would be an interesting study Metallic asteroidIt appears to be an iron-nickel emanation from the core of an ancient planet, but since it coordinates the DSCOC project’s transceiver, it also will help improve Communication system Laser based. The transceiver, in this case, could communicate with two ground stations in Southern California, testing the detectors, transmitters and decoders and giving the green light for future communications.

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The Radio and laser communicationUse as promised by NASA Electromagnetic waves Send data, but light near infrared spectrum Fit the data short wavesAllows ground stations to receive more data simultaneously.

With so much data, images and video to share from space, finding a way to streamline communications is essential, and that’s why DSOC project es Important For future space exploration. And it’s included technologies In fact Revolutionary In the Psych ship’s transceiver, a Photon counting camera 22 cm aperture attached to the telescope.

Also, the Exchanger can Connect to the Hale telescope, located at the Monte Palomar Observatory in the city of San Diego, will transmit relevant information regardless of the vibrations of the ship, because the transceiver has a system to dampen them. By the way, this telescope is a must Nanocable superconductor To receive laser communications, it will come from 300 million kilometers. Bill KlipsteinDSOC Program Manager, confirms What:

Every component of the DSOC showcases new technology, from the high-powered laser transmitters to the signal system in the telescope’s transceiver and detectors that can count individual photons as they arrive. The team had to develop new signal processing techniques to compile information from weak signals sent over vast distances.

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