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Natalia Salas fulfilled her dream of traveling to Disneyland, she wrote in the caption of an emotional video where you can see a recap of her trip next to her sister.

Natalia After completing her chemotherapy sessions, she decided to go to America and experience this magical place full of adventure and fun with her sister.

“The gift we are now to our inner women and… elders. When we leave this world, we will only take what we have lived and eaten… enjoy!”, He wrote on his Instagram.

TROME | Natalia Salas travels to America (Instagram)

Natalia Salas He added that his sister is one of the most important people in his life. “We lived together, partied together, cried together, learned together…etc. Going to Disney together…it was epic.”wrote

Natalia Salas celebrates the end of her chemotherapy

After completing all chemotherapy and beating breast cancer, He had a celebration with his loved ones.

Natalia Salas She shared pictures of the celebration on her social networks, which was also attended by the host of America Ho, Ethel Bozo.

Beluchan criticizes Ethel for stealing the show from Natalia Salas

Rodrigo Gonzalez He took a few minutes from his space “Love and Fire” to criticize Ethel Bosso for “stealing” the show at a party hosted by the actress. Natalia Salas To celebrate the end of treatment for breast cancer.

“She can be a lawyer, a psychologist, a presenter, a communicator, an actress and, since she has been chasing singers since birth, she is also a singer.” said the TV host before presenting pictures of the “America Hoy” host singing happily. “It’s funny because she dances, she acts, and now she sings. She loves being punched.”Gigi Miter added.

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According to the famous ‘Peluchín’, the American television figure always wants to be the center of attention. “She hates not being the center of attention and we laugh about it.”

Of course, from the roosters he frees, the attitude he has towards him and how he’s changed. In karaoke you’re not going to show off singing well, you’re going to have fun, you’re not going to be the center of attention, there’s someone to go out with. He has someone to go out with.”, Gonzalez continued.

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