Natalie Vértiz explains why she won’t cook for Yaco Eskenazi: “It’s just one big ugly fight” | Choca Mandros | All you | Yako and Natalie | programs

Natalie Verdis Y Yaco Eskenazi They are considered to be one of the most established couples in the world of entertainment. As with any relationship, they had their differences over eight years of marriage and had no problem making them public.

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On the latest edition of ‘You’re In All’, the host exposed the model and recalled one of the fights they had because she didn’t cook what he expected.

I’m going to tell you the story of the single biggest ugly fight we had while pregnant with Natalie Lima. She was a typical housewife and loved to cook for me. He asked me: ‘My dear, what do you want to eat?’ I told him: ‘A coated fish’. When I got home, I got a piece of fish with four kilos of onions. I asked Natalie, ‘What is this?’ She replied that it was encepollado and that I don’t like cooked onions. A fight because I was hungry“, said the former reality guy in a conversation with Zoga Montrose.

For her part, Natalie Verdis confirmed what happened and assured that the situation made her husband take the drastic decision not to cook anymore.

That was the only thing I ever cooked for Yaco in my life, and ever since then I said I would never do it again.” lamented the model.

Nathalie Verdis reveals why Yacco won’t cook for Eskenazi after eight years of marriage

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