New Security Proposal for Peruvian Homes – Commercial Empresary

New Security Proposal for Peruvian Homes – Commercial Empresary

Commercial Empire.- When thinking about the security of a home, it is common to imagine electric fences, metal bars or other barriers placed at the entrances of various houses in the country. However, the security sector has developed very rapidly in recent years, so today they not only provide security, but also provide devices with cutting-edge technology and friendly designs that integrate everywhere in the architecture.

Confident, A leader in the security alarm industry, the company is at the forefront of this new approach with a relaxed style created from the latest trends in technology. It completes a 24-hour monitoring service under its leadership Alarm Receiving Center (ARC)Its security experts deal with various incidents that threaten the peace of mind of its customers.

“Our devices have a discreet and stylish design that allows harmony between each security element and the place where they are installed. We want our customers to be comfortable at all levels, which includes respecting the architecture and decorations of their environments,” said Communications and Brand Manager for the company’s operations in Peru. Illustrated by Cecilia Soto.

To fulfill this objective, the company has research and development departments in three European cities: Madrid, Malmö and Geneva. From there, the best experts in the field look for security solutions to ensure maximum protection in any situation. “Having our own R&D department allows us to build components that actually fix it
The current needs of the public,” Soto added.

Among the most notable high-tech equipment in its system are Arlo cameras, which, in addition to recording in HD and night vision, distinguish between people, animals and vehicles, for more precise monitoring. ZeroVision, its flagship product, continues to be at the forefront of security and surveillance in Peru because its ARC is the only one capable of producing instant-acting, dense, non-toxic smoke when checking penetration.

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“Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers is more than protecting them, we need to be constantly updated so that security solutions integrate state-of-the-art equipment that does not affect the view of the rooms. In line with this goal, this year and next year, we plan that our most recent devices will arrive in Peru and continue home security throughout the territory. ,” concluded Soto.


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