New Talara refinery boosts production with ExxonMobil technology activation | news

The new Dalara Refinery (NRT) continues to operate in the region with sustained production of low sulfur petrol and diesel and other quality fuels.

Among NRT's state-of-the-art and most important process units, the Flexicoking Unit (FCK) stands out, a deep conversion technology of the renowned North American oil company. ExxonMobil Only among the top 8 refineries in the world Allows for high quality fuel production from waste oil.

From December 2023, The unit maintains continuous operation as per its design by producing Petrol, Diesel, LPG components. and other loads processed in other process units such as NRT's liquefied catalytic cracking.

Along the same lines, FCK is producing flexigas for the production of steam and electricity in the cogeneration plant of the modern Petroperú refinery complex and coke for marketing to 'fuel gas' and cement manufacturing companies.

For commencement of commissioning, operation and stabilization works of all the units that are part of NRT, it is necessary to have the commissioning certificates issued on time to the concerned institutions.

Similarly, all the NRT units have gone through their respective warranty tests, which have been sealed with construction companies Technicas Reunitas and Cobra as part of the country's most important energy project contract document.

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Published: 2/9/2024

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