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users Metropolis A new transparent bus designed with the highest quality and safety standards will be at their disposal, according to the Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Cala (Further)

During the event of providing the bus, the Executive Chairman of the Council, Mr FurtherJosé Aguilar exemplifies the concessionaire's choice Update the vehicle fleet. “With growth Metropolis“It is important for companies to choose the best buses for the benefit of users.”He said.

What will the new Metropolitano Articulated Bus look like?

Bus, which will be part of the fleet Lima International BusOne of the concessionaires MetropolisA fitted Vehicle natural gas (NGV) fuel system Latest generation and compliance with regulations Euro 6It sets a benchmark in sustainability.

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The unit is mainly characterized by a Modern air conditioning system and air purification To remove microorganisms from the environment. Besides, Each door has a windproof system.

The new Metropolitano Articulated Bus has modern air conditioning and air purifier system.

18.5 meters in length, 2.56 meters in width and 3.33 meters in height, unit Metropolis It can carry 164 passengers (47 seated and 117 standing).. Eight seats are preferred and each of them has seat belts.

Besides, There will be a space for wheelchair use. It should be noted that through a sensorThe driver will be notified when the passenger has finished wearing the seat belt.

Another big difference with the current buses is the new unit Two interior security cameras and one backup camera, whose images can be played and monitored. Each door has an anti-crush sensor to prevent any user from getting trapped while getting in or out of the vehicle.

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The new Metropolitano articulated bus has security cameras.

Additionally, It has 11 emergency exits: seven through windows and four through skylights (in the roof). Added to this The bus has 18 USB charging ports for passengers and LED lighting inside and outside.

On the other hand, its aerodynamic design not only improves fuel efficiency, but also enhances its aesthetics, prioritizing the driver's view.

The bus design has minimum requirements

Articulated bus joining the fleet Metropolis Manufactured by the company Andinos Diesel Motors SA (Modasa)It carried out extensive road tests to assess the structural behavior of the unit and body components.

The company noted that the vehicle was designed in accordance with the minimum requirements for the strength of the superstructure (United Nations Regulation No. 66) and all those defined by the Peruvian transport authorities.

When will the new article bus run with the public?

He New articulated bus Metropolis The public trial period will begin in three months.

Jose Luis Diaz Leon, General Manager Lima International Buspointed out that The trial period of this new bus will be till the end of this year and then the aim is to replace the entire fleet comprising 78 units..

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