Next match against UTC and latest news live

Next match against UTC and latest news live

UTC hosts Universitario de Deportes for the 17th of the 2023 inaugural tournament. Catch up on the latest news from the Merengue Group for today, Thursday, May 25, here.

In the fourth round of the Copa Sudamericana, visiting Brazil against Goias, Universitario could not convert and were defeated 1-0. Apart from this, the Grem team has already turned the page and now they must fully engage in the fight for Ligue 1, where they will visit UTC on the 17th. The opening match is 2023. Follow the latest news from the group live George Fossati.

University Today: Latest News Live

UTC has introduced ticket prices for the match against ‘U’

Through social media, UTC Ligue 1 has officially announced the ticket prices for their match against Universitario de Deportes on the 17th of 2023.

College: Welcome to today’s coverage!

Sports University The 2023 Ligue 1 opener will be measured against UTC de Cajamarca for Matchday 17. Review the latest news on ‘Creams’ today, Thursday, May 25.

Universitario TODAY: Results for Copa Sudamericana

  • Gymnastics LP 0-1 Univ
  • University 2-2 Goiás
  • University 2-0 Santa Fe
  • Goias 1-0 Universitario

Lost in Copa Sudamericana to Universitario Goyas.

University Today: Date and time of your next game

Universitario will visit UTC at the Heros de San Ramon Stadium for matchday 17 of Ligue 1. The match will be held on Sunday, May 28 and will start at 3:30 p.m.

University Today: Where will you play your next game?

Next up for the Creams will be the Heroes de San Ramon Stadium. Located in the city of Cajamarca, this arena can hold a total of 18,000 people.

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Upcoming Matches of Universitario in Copa Sudamericana:

  • Date 5: Santa Fe vs. University – 06/08 (9:00pm) – El Camp Stadium
  • Date 6: University Vs. Gymnastics – 06/28 (9:00pm) – Memorial Stadium.

Universitario matches in Copa Sudamerica:

  • Date 1: Gymnastics 1-0 Varsity
  • Close 2: Universitario 2-2 Goiás
  • Date 3: University 2-0 Santa Fe
  • Close 4: Goiás 1-0 Universitario.

Universitario Today: Next Matches

  • UTC vs. UTC University
  • Universitario vs. Cuzco
  • Game Huancayo vs. Academic
  • Santa Fe vs. University
  • University vs. Gymnastics and Fencing

How is the G team after the “U” debacle?

Equipment PJ points
Goyas 4 8
University 4 7
Santa Fe 4 4
Gymnastics and Fencing 4 3

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