Olimpia vs Flamengo LIVE from Copa Libertadores via ESPN 4, FREE STAR Plus and Futemax: What time will it be played, prediction, on which channel, where to watch today’s match | Paraguayan

game Olympia vs. Flamengo live online for free via ESPN 4 and STAR PlusThe second leg of the Round of 16 is being played today Libertadores Cup.



Olympia vs. Flamengo for the Round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores | Libero composition

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Where to watch Flamengo vs. Olympia?


Olympia vs. Flamenco: Match Table

Olympia vs Dedication. Flamengo for the Copa Libertadores 2023 will be played today Thursday August 10 from 7:00pm in Peru to 8:00pm in Paraguay or 9:00pm in Argentina. Remember that you can keep the game up-to-date with Libero.

Watch here Olympia vs. Flamengo Live Free Online | HOY Face through ESPN 4 and STAR Plus For the second leg of the Copa Libertadores 2023 round of 16 match. The security guards of Chaco Stadium, from the city of Asuncion. In addition, you can view minute-by-minute transfer, incidents, goals and summary on the Internet through Libero.pe.

Olympia vs Flamengo Live for Copa Libertadores: Minute-by-minute of the match

This is what Defenders del Saco stadium looks like before Olympia vs. Flamenco

Copa Libertadores Defenders del Saco Stadium Flamengo vs. Olympia.

Flamengo boast Gabriel Barbosa’s goal

“Olympia vs. Flamengo has little left. Until that moment comes, let’s remember Mengao’s best goals from entering the area – from the most recent. Coffee, it’s a goal on the way to the try”, they published.

Olympia confirmed order

Juan Espinola, Alejandro Silva, Johan Romana, Matthew Camarra, Ivan Torres, Fernando Cardoso, Marcos Gomez, Richard Ortiz, Hugo Fernandez, Facundo Zabala and Walter Gonzalez. DD: Frances Maple.

The lineup for Flamenco is confirmed

Matheus Cunha, Wesley, Fabricio Bruno, David Luiz, Filipe Luis, Thiago Maia, Gerson, De Arrascaeta, E. Ribeiro, Bruno Henrique and Gabriel Barbosa. TD: George Samboli.

Flamengo showed off his dressing room and highlighted Gabriel Barbosa

El Mengao did the same through his social networks and showed the closet he has at Defensores del Saco. Likewise, the Brazilians highlighted their star Gabriel Barbosa.

Olimpia showed that they had won three Libertadores

Before the match against Flamengo, the Olympia club decided to display the three Libertadores trophies they had won as motivation for this transcendental game.

Olympia seeks to eradicate racism and leaves an impressive message

Olympia seeks to prevent its fans from committing racist acts and uses its social networks to send a clear message to its followers:

Olympia today prepares a spectacular mosaic

Olympia defenders will receive a grand reception in Del Saco, where the Dean group will view a mosaic with the message “Olympia of my life.”

What did Arc have to say about Terlis Gonzalez’s absence?

Francisco Arce, DT of Olimpia, spoke about the present of Derlis González and the reason for his absence: “Derlis is not paying attention. Yesterday we had such a quick chat between him and me, I told him as much as we all want. For him, the most important thing is his human side. . . Terlis isn’t there yet, and he won’t be for Classic”.

Olimpia will be without against Flamengo

Not to mention Francisco Ars Terlis Gonzalez, who will be without the player against Flamengo in this decisive match.

Who will be Flamengo or Olimpia’s next challenger in the next phase of the Libertadores?

Flamengo or Olimpia will next face Fluminense in the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores.

A possible sequence of flamenco

Flamenco: Mathias Cunha; Wesley, Fabrizio Bruno, David Lewis, Ayrton Lucas; Allen, Gerson, Everton Ribeiro, Giorgione de Arrascata; Bruno Henrique and Gabriel Barbosa.

Olimpia rely on data to raise hopes of beating Flamengo

Olimpia will rely on some data and hope to defeat Flamengo, and in this video he reflects a little on the thinking of the team’s fans:

Flamenco vs. Olympia: referees

Referee: Dario Herrera
Assistant 1: Juan Belati
Assistant 2: Facundo Rodriguez
Fourth official: Pablo Echevarria
VAR: Mauro Vigliano
VAR Assistant: Hector Paleda

A possible sequence of Olympia

OlympiadJohn Spinola; Alexander Silva, Johan Romagna, Matthew Camarra, Facundo Zabala; Ivan Torres, Richard Ortiz, Marcos Gomez, Fernando Cardoso; Hugo Fernandez and Walter Gonzalez.

Goal in favor of Bruno Henrique and Flamengo

This is Bruno Henrique’s goal in Flamengo’s clash against Olimpia at the Maracana:

How was the first leg between Flamengo vs. Olympia?

The first leg match between Flamengo vs. It was 1-0 in favor of the Brazilians at the Olympia Maracana for the Copa Libertadores, and now they will have a tough visiting clash in Paraguayan territory.

Flamenco arrived in Paraguay with an all-out attitude

Flamengo travel to Paraguay with high hopes heading into victory against Olimpia:

Called up from Olympia for clash against Flamengo

The players invited by Olympia to host Flamenco are:

Where Olympia vs. Flamenco for the Libertadores?

Olympia vs Dedication. Flamenco will host the Copa Libertadores 2023 at the Defensors del Saco Stadium in Asuncion, where the match will be played:

Olympia vs. Flamenco: Match Table

Olympia vs Dedication. Flamengo for the Copa Libertadores 2023 will be played today Thursday August 10 from 7:00pm in Peru to 8:00pm in Paraguay or 9:00pm in Argentina. Remember that you can keep the game up-to-date with Libero.

Welcome to Olympia vs broadcast. Flamenco for the Copa Libertadores

good day! Follow the news and live coverage of the match between Olympia vs. Flamengo for Copa Libertadores 2023. Check details and minute-by-minute here.

Olympia vs. Flamengo live on ESPN 4 and STAR Plus

  • Story: Pablo Ponce
  • Comments: Jorge Valdivia

How’s Olympia coming along?

‘Dean’ comes envalentonado after defeating Guarani 5-3 On the last day of the Paraguay Championship, a result removed him from the bottom of the table.

Now, the led set Francisco Ars It has the tagline of becoming strong local. However, all is not good news as the strategist cannot trust his star TERLIS GONZALEZ For being injured.


How does flamenco come about?

On the other hand, Mengao lost 0-3 at the hands of Guayaba on the last day. BrazilianA scene that left all the fans in a tizzy and resulted in thousands of criticisms against the coach George Samboli.

It has created Flamenco They are obliged to protect and increase the advantage they have achieved at the Maracana, as for some time they have not shown the performance that convinces all the team supporters.

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Guayaba beat Flamenco

Olympia vs. Flamenco: Possible alignments

Olympia Series: John Spinola; Alexander Silva, Johan Romagna, Matthew Camarra, Facundo Zavala; Fernando Cardoso, Richard Ortiz, Marcos Gomez, Ivan Torres; Hugo Fernandez, Walter Gonzalez. TD: Francisco Ars.

Flamenco Sequence: Hugo Sousa, Mathias, Roberto Guillo, Pablo, Ayrton, William Arau, Andreas Pereira, Everton Ribeiro, G. De Arrascata, Pedro y Gabriel Barbosa. TD: George Samboli.

Olympia vs. Flamenco: A History of the Competition

Their last five clashes have been like this Olympia and Flamenco By Libertadores Cup.

  • Flamengo 1-0 Olimpia (Copa Libertadores Round of 8 2023)
  • Flamengo 5-1 Olimpia (Copa Libertadores 2021 quarter-final)
  • Flamengo 5-1 Olimpia (Copa Libertadores 2021 quarter-final)
  • Olimpia 3-2 Flamengo (2012 Copa Libertadores Group Stage)
  • Flamengo 3-3 Olimpia (2012 Copa Libertadores Group Stage)

Olympia vs. Flamenco

On which channel Olympia vs. Flamenco live?

Review channels by country Olympia vs. Flamenco For the second leg of the round of 16 Libertadores Cup.

  • Paraguay: Star+
  • Brazil: GUIGO, NOW NET and Claro, ESPN, Star+
  • Argentina: Fox Sports 2 Argentina, Star+
  • Bolivia: Star+
  • Chile: Fox Sports 1 Chile, Star+
  • Columbia: Star+
  • Ecuador: Star+
  • Spain: LaLiga+
  • Peru: Star+
  • United States: Bean Sports Connect
  • Uruguay: Star+
  • Venezuela: Star+

Olympia vs. Flamenco: Match referees

  • Referee: Dario Herrera
  • Assistant Referees: Juan Belati and Facundo Rodriguez
  • Fourth official: Pablo Echevarria
  • VAR: Mauro Vigliano
  • AVAR: Hector Paleda
  • Advisor: Hector Baldassi
  • Manager: Gustavo Rossi

Dario Herrera

Flamengo vs Bruno Henrique goal. Olympia

At what time vs. Olympia? Flamengo for the Copa Libertadores?

There are country wise tables to see the clash between Olympia vs. Flamenco.

  • Heaven: 8:00 p.m
  • Brazil: 9:00 p.m
  • Peru: 7:00 p.m
  • Ecuador: 7:00 p.m
  • Columbia: 7:00 p.m
  • Bolivia: 8:00 p.m
  • Chile: 8:00 p.m
  • Venezuela: 8:00 p.m
  • Argentina: 9:00 p.m
  • Uruguay: 9:00 p.m

Olympia vs. Flamengo: Prediction and how much the bet pays

Olympiad A tie Flamenco
Petson 3.75 3.25 2.05
bet365 4.00 p.m 3.40 2.00 p.m
1xBet 3.81 3.46 1.99
Incabet 4.00 p.m 3.40 2.00 p.m
Parimatch 4.
4.00 p.m
3.40 2.03

Olympia vs Where? Flamenco live?

He The security guards of Chaco Stadium It will be a scene of competition between Olympia vs. Flamenco. He said the stadium has a capacity of 42,354 fans.

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