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Olivia Maunder, b England, who was leading a normal life, changed his routine drastically when he received a diagnosis. The young woman felt pain in her body and had a medical check-up, but as a result of medical negligence, she was belatedly diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects the bones and surrounding tissues. Although the news completely devastated her, it did not stop her from enjoying her time away from her loved ones and proved to be a shining example of bravery.

Professionals Frimley Park Hospital, Inside CamberleySurrey, MRI in March 2021 And they didn’t notice tumor His is located Waist. First, they mentioned to him that he had symptoms related to him Complex regional pain syndrome, a condition caused by the body’s abnormal response to injury. However, they were wrong.

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For the next three months, Maunder continued his daily routine in severe pain. and, having died at that time, she hastened to the same place. “The staff gave me little help At one point they told me to calm down. They even told me that I was mirroring my mother’s pain because my mother had back pain. I was not treated, I was in pain,” he explained.

his mother, Carol RolfeHe told the same media They could not believe the lack of respect on the part of the authorities of the establishment. “We told the doctors many times how much pain I was in. She screamed in pain, but we were asked, ‘Have you tried a mindfulness app?’ And They said stress. They wanted him to shut up and not bother others,” he said.

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Yes right Olivia She was relieved when she received the wrong diagnosis and was dismayed to realize that no medication was prescribed to alleviate the ailments. “I know I’m in pain, it’s not in my head”He said.

Finally, one second Magnetic resonanceThis happened after Carol talked to a specialist about the situation, He found the tumor. However, it had grown too large for the young woman to undergo surgery. Because of that, He spent several months undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, until he resumed his studies in April 2022. Despite efforts to improve his health, he received no favorable news and his condition deteriorated. Recently, he was hit with other information: They told him he only had a few months to live.

“When the doctors told me I had a tumor in my hip, it felt like an out-of-body experience. I was in shock. Then I got very angry… They told me I was three months and three months pregnant before they told me I had made it allHe noted.

As a result of what happened, The family sued Frimley Park Hospital Trust and his defenders were the solicitors of the Devonshires Claims Company. “Olivia is one of the bravest young women I’ve ever met and her story is so tragic… it’s unacceptable and I think those responsible should be held accountable,” said Jeanette Van-Cauter, a medical negligence specialist who will be part of the defence.

For his part, the medical director of the facility, Dr. Timothy Ho said: “We are deeply sorry for the delay in Olivia’s cancer diagnosis and the considerable pain she has caused. We met with her and her family to share the results of our extensive investigation. We are committed to learning from research and improving services.

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Meanwhile, the young woman’s sister, Victoria, With the aim and purpose of making her sister live in better conditions during the time she left behind Spreading about the story that hit his entire family, this could have been prevented.

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