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What will happen in this”original sin“? The story of love and unexpected situations that Alihan and Zeynep go through in the popular telenovela is a favorite of the public in Spain. The Ottoman drama is broadcast daily through Antenna 3 screens and is one of the most tuned in afternoons. So, we tell you what will happen in the episode on Thursday, May 4.

in”original sin” you can find well-known people from Turkish scenes like Onur Tuna, Sevda Urgency Y Eda IsThey have won millions of fans all over the world thanks to their excellent professionalism.

During the last episode of the Ottoman play, Ender Y black tiger Received an envelope with Photographs of Star From many years ago. The images compromised the young woman and the brothers decided to use them against her. To do this, they found the sender who forced them to send the envelope, and it turned out Acquisition.

A lover Zeynep comments Ender Who to take revenge on? Khalid. This is how they unite to destroy it. As part of your plan Zeynep You will need to sign some documents Acquisition He is in charge of convincing her on the pretext that she and the other employees must sign to avoid being fired from the company. The girl suspects something shady in all this.

On the other hand, Star When was it discovered? Halite He ordered experts to check whether his jewelery was genuine. The result showed that they were fakes, but when they reviewed the images Security cameras Everything was destroyed.

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Halid wanted to know if his valuable jewelery had been stolen (Photo: Med Yafim)

What will happen in “Original Sin” on Thursday, May 4?

No one can miss the next chapter Television original sin”. In the chapter Thursday, May 4 Star She breathes easy because no one can verify that she was the one responsible for the change of jewelry.

Also, it has been decided to investigate who deleted the pictures Cameras And find out what it is Kemal. Seeing this, the woman is surprised because in one way or another she saved her life.

Kemal vandalized security cameras and disabled them (Photo: Met Yabim)

What happens after this situation? Star Find out what its purpose is Kemal What does the man think to help her?

Kemal saved all the material on his laptop (Photo: Met Yabim)

What is “original sin” about?

original sin” Based on the story of two sisters, Star Y ZeynepPeople who live in abject poverty and have different personalities despite their blood ties.

Star She dreams of finding a man with money and a life surrounded by luxuries, so she accepts Ender’s proposal, offering to work in his house with the intention of seducing her husband. The young woman agrees to the dubious request.

while, Zeynep She is a very honest girl and dreams of finding true love, not a flashy life that her sister wants. She will have to deal with it AcquisitionA handsome but selfish young man, the director of a big company, with whom she will experience many things.

How to see “original sin”?

Turkish soap opera episodes “Original Sin” They are screened at regular time Monday to Friday at 5:30pm (Spain time) on Antena 3.

Additionally, you can enjoy programming through streaming. For this, you need to subscribe .

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Alihan swore revenge on Halit for harming his mother (Photo: Met Yafim)

“Original Sin” technical data sheet

  • Original title: “Forbidden Apple”
  • Other topics: “Forbidden Fruit”, “Original Sin” or “Forbidden Passion”
  • Gender: Drama
  • Address: Neslihan Yeşilyurt (1-3), Murat Öztürk (4) and Ece Erdek Koçoğlu (5-6)
  • Hand written paper: Melis Siwelek and Zeynep Gull
  • Music: Cem Tuncer, Ercüment Orkut and Efecan Tuncer
  • Number of Seasons: 6
  • Number of Episodes: 169

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