Pancho Rodríguez leaves Esto es Guerra: ‘Pitbull’ announced in Chilean reality show ‘Ganar o Serv’ | programs

Prepare the suitcases. Pancho Rodríguez has not appeared for several days This is war And the reason for his absence is that he is entering his country’s reality show. Win or serve. A video of her entry into the reality show was shared through the social networks of the place.

“I am 39 years old and I have lived in Peru for 9 years. I am completely single. “I’ve been a captain for years” A presentation video for the program says ‘Pitbull’.

In the video Banjo makes it clear that he likes women who are serious, but not toxic.

Let’s just remember that Pancho Rodriguez This Chile will be on a reality show. We’ve already seen familiar faces like Austin Palau and Fabio Agostini, plus the announced entry of Facundo Gonzalez.

Pancho Garcia was left without the captain’s band of war veterans

Pancho Rodriguez He was a captain of militia for a long time; However, with the return of Hugo Garcia, Chile were relegated to the background.

About Pancho Rodriguez He said he was not interested in being a captain. “Military captaincy has long been a joke. They take care of the warriors and give them armour…” Although he said, he questioned whether the film was for Mario Iriverran.

Pancho Rodriguez

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