Pancho Rodríguez spoke before the notarial letter ‘This is war’: “There is a relationship of respect”

Pancho Rodríguez spoke before the notarial letter ‘This is war’: “There is a relationship of respect”
Pancho Rodríguez speaks before the letter announced from EEG.

Pancho Rodriguez He broke his silence after the leak of a notarial letter prepared by him ‘This is War’ I would have sent him to finish his contract with a Latin reality show and go to Chile to be part of Canar o Serir.

According to information from ‘Love and Fire’, The American television project asked him for a total of 450 thousand feet for not complying with his contract, which was set until December. “We are aware of your intention to terminate your contract with Producciones ProTV SAC,” the notarial letter reads.

Several days after the news broke, Rodriguez She broke her silence and shared a statement written by her law firm, which clarifies what her current relationship is all about.This is war’. In this letter, they clarify that they will protect the popular ‘Pitbull’ and that they have taken this decision only through contract. They also explained that the national television is giving false information about the topic.

The famous ‘Pitbull’ doesn’t see things rosy after being called ‘Win or Serve’. The American television reality show did not allow him to continue with his plans. | Vilax

“As the legal advisors of Mr. Francisco Rodriguez and due to the misinformation spread by various media, we would like to clarify the following: Mr. Rodríguez has decided to resign from his position, strictly for personal and professional reasons. and participation in the program. This decision was taken after deep thought,” they note at the outset.

They exemplify a respectful relationship with Pacchamac Project and all its realty partners. “Mr. Rodriguez is noted to maintain a respectful relationship with the producer of the program he worked on and with his former colleagues.”

At another point, they explain that the legal entity Cornell In support of Pancho’s labor rights, Pancho will be responsible for total safety, so they will be the official channel for providing additional information on this topic. “As his legal team, we affirm our commitment to protect Mr. Rodriguez’s integrity and labor rights. Any additional statement or information will be provided through our official channels,” he added in the letter.

Pancho Rodríguez speaks after resigning from Esto es Guerra.

Finally, they say Pancho You are properly advised in any situation that affects your reputation and career. “To conclude, under the above considerations, our client, Mr. Rodriguez, is duly advised and protected by our legal team against any adverse comments to his reputation and reputation that he has acquired through his long career,” he concludes.

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In a notarized letter prepared and sent ‘It’s War’ For Pancho Rodríguez, it reads that if the competitor decides to break the contract, he will have to pay a penalty. They also mention the time when he should pay this huge amount.

“If the landlord decides to terminate the contract, the client will have to pay a penalty of 450,000 baht. Payment must be made within a period not exceeding 48 hours,” the document says.

Pancho Rodriguez receives a notarized letter from Esto S. Guevara.

On the other hand, they express that if both parties do not reach an agreement, they must submit to arbitration to finally reach a settlement. “Disputes and Submission to Arbitration. If the parties are unable to amicably resolve any conflict(s) that may arise out of this Agreement, they shall submit the dispute to arbitration, which shall be resolved by a final and non-appealable award,” he added.

Finally, the agreement was signed January 22, 2024 and ending in December of the same year, So there are still 6 months left for this deal.


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