Paraguay locates South American port allowing access to sea: Will Bolivia benefit? | Uruguay | Chile | Port in Soriano | Paraguay-Paraná Waterway | Latin America | Sanke Megaport | Peru | Callao | the world

Paraguay locates South American port allowing access to sea: Will Bolivia benefit?  |  Uruguay |  Chile |  Port in Soriano |  Paraguay-Paraná Waterway |  Latin America |  Sanke Megaport |  Peru |  Callao |  the world

President Luis Lacalle Pou has been a staunch defender of the project since 2015. Photo: LR/CDN composite

An ambitious historic project is underway in South America: the construction of a port in Uruguay. This infrastructure allows Paraguay has access to the sea A similar solution could be offered to Bolivia, another landlocked country in the region. with investment US$300 millionIts aim is to strengthen the sovereignty of Paraguay’s foreign trade and establish a strategic alliance in the region.

President Luis Lacalle Pou He has been passionately supporting the project since 2015 when he was a senator. According to the Paraguayan Ambassador to Uruguay, Juan Manuel Brunetti, This initiative will not only strengthen Paraguay’s trade, but also promote stability and economic growth in Latin America. Paraguay is a major trading partner of Uruguay, reaching exports US$144 millionYou can see an increase in this number thanks to this port.

A port to benefit Paraguay will be built in Soriano Department. Photo: CDN

Which port in South America gives Paraguay access to the sea?

The port in question will be built in Uruguay’s Soriano Department, a strategic location. Paraguay Direct access to the Atlantic. The total investment will be done in two phases US$300 million. This port is seen as a long-term solution for this Out to seaA country historically dependent on others Sea shipment.

Luis Lacalle PouChairman Uruguay, worked tirelessly to make this project a reality. From his days as a senator, he promoted the idea Paraguay offers a stable and reliable option to access the sea. The depth and stability of Uruguay’s waters are the main advantages mentioned by the president of the eastern country, who highlights the importance of this work for regional integration.

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Ambassador of Paraguay Juan Manuel Brunetti He emphasized that the port would guarantee the sovereignty of foreign trade, eliminate dependence on third countries and allow direct control over their exports. The project will benefit Paraguay, but also serve as an important commercial connection point in South America.

How will the port benefit Bolivia?

Bolivia, a landlocked country like Paraguay, is looking for viable alternatives to its maritime exports. Having lost access to the sea after the war with Chile By 1879, Bolivia was dependent on Chilean ports for its foreign trade. However, the construction of the port Uruguay Atlantic gives you new confidence by providing an alternative outlet.

Juan Notaro, president of the Fund for the Countries of the Plata Basin (Fonplata), indicated that cooperation between Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia could significantly strengthen their economies. For Bolivia, access to a port in Uruguay would reduce operating costs and provide a direct and economical route for its exports.

The Paraguay-Paraná waterway would be an efficient and sustainable solution for Bolivia. Photo: ACSOJA

Also, the use of the Paraguay-Paraná waterway connecting the Atlantic would be an efficient and sustainable solution for Bolivia. This navigable canal will facilitate cargo transportation and promote economic development in the region. Eastern part of BoliviaIt currently relies mostly on Chilean ports.

Why do Bolivia and Paraguay have no sea access?

Bolivia then lost access to the Pacific Ocean Pacific War A conflict with Chile in 1879, a landlocked Andean nation. Since then, Bolivia has sought alternatives beyond its reliance on Chilean ports. In 2018, a verdict International Court of Justice at The Hague Chile is not obligated to negotiate sovereign access to the sea for Bolivia, which has led the government of Evo Morales to explore new options.

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Chile annexed the territories of Peru and Bolivia. Photo: Geography Guide

Paraguay, on the other hand, is a Mediterranean country that relies on ports in neighboring countries for its exports. The construction of a port in Soriano, Uruguay is a strategic solution for the nation as it will eliminate the need to depend on third countries for access to the sea. This job will serve as an important business connection point in Latin America.

It is the main port of Latin America

The port of Colon in Panama is positioned as the best in the region. With annual traffic exceeding 4 million 915 thousand 975 TEU, the terminal is the bridge between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Your ability Operates 22 container wide vessels This gives it a unique competitive advantage that strengthens its role as an international logistics hub. In this way, it is very important in Latin America.

5 Keys: A South American port that would allow Paraguay access to the sea

  • Access to sea for Paraguay: The construction of a port in Uruguay’s Soriano Department would allow Paraguay direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, improving its foreign trade.
  • Advantages for Bolivia: Another land-locked country, Bolivia, will also use the port as an alternative to Chilean ports to reduce operating costs.
  • Millionaire Investment: The project requires an investment of $300 million and will be carried out in two phases to promote regional integration in Latin America.
  • Paraguay-Paraná Waterway: The waterway will help transport cargo from Paraguay and Bolivia to the Atlantic, improving logistics and regional economic development.
  • Government Support: Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou has been a key supporter of the project since 2015, highlighting the port’s stability and strategic benefits for the region.
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