Passengers hit by emergency at Jorge Chavez airport: 8,500 stranded, 129 flights diverted and canceled

Corpac reported that the lighting system in the landing area at Jorge Chavez Airport suffered a malfunction. Video: Panorama

Jorge Chavez International Airport, the main gateway to Peru, is facing a critical situation. Runway edge lighting system failure. After 10 hours of work, flights have already resumed, but 8,500 passengers and 128 flights have been affected by the closure of the international terminal.

Undoubtedly, the most affected are passengers who are stranded at various airports in the country and abroad such as Quito (Ecuador), Santiago (Chile), Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil. Peruvian Airports and Commercial Aviation Corporation (Garbage), responsible for the system, solved the problem after several hours and after identifying the real cause of the failure.

Air service was affected Thousands of passengers. Flights from Miami, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Panama were stranded and had to spend the night at airports in these cities until today, where airlines began reporting rescheduling, suspension or cancellation of their tickets.

From inside a local flight, Jaleni Eguquiza, a passenger flying from Arequipa to Lima, reported the moment his plane’s captain announced failure at Jorge Chavez Airport.

”Latest information about the closure of the Lima airport. We don’t have an estimated opening (time) for it, so we’re going to be in Cusco until we have some information that I’ll let you know. “Stay in your seat, I apologize a thousand times,” he told passengers over the intercom.

Plight of stranded passengers at Jorge Chavez Airport due to short circuit | Chanel N

Due to the failure of the runway lights, the flights to Lima are being diverted to Pisco (Ica), and due to the inconvenience, passengers have increased the need to reach their destination.

Airlines provide buses for passengers and others paying up to 500 soles to return from Pisco to Lima | Chanel N

On the other hand, for travelers from other countries like Chile, suitable alternatives await at this city’s airport to resume flights or continue their journey.

Hundreds of tourists in Cusco wait for their flights to be diverted after an emergency at Jorge Chavez Airport | Chanel N

After 10 hours of uncertainty among thousands of passengers stranded at other airports, Lima Airport Partners (LAP)Management Company Jorge Chavez Airport, The main airport in Peru issued a statement confirming that flight departures and arrivals have resumed.

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“Carbag has restored the electrical system of the runway edge lights at the airport terminal after yesterday’s system failure,” The document points out and recommends that travelers contact airlines to inquire about rescheduling their flights.

LAP report on the resumption of flight arrivals at Jorge Chavez Airport

Thousands of passengers were affected by the collapse Jorge Chavez International AirportDoubts and uncertainty about flight scheduling is now a major issue facing passengers, 12 hours after this rush, as a result of a short circuit that affected the lights on the landing strips on Sunday night, June 2.

Therefore, the website of the airport located in Lima also provides information on the status of flights. To enter, you must enter the following link:

For companies operating in the country, you can also review these links to manage travel rescheduling:

Speaking to reporters this morning Minister of Transport and Communications, Raul Perez-Reyesnoted that the problem raised in Jorge Chavez Airport “This was completely unexpected and unnecessary and work has been done as quickly as possible to restore the operation of the runway and the runway is already operational at this time and it is returning to normal. We were in the control tower and two planes took off: one for Cuzcoto another Chiclayo“And the flight from Madrid landed, they are working at different regional airports to get the flights to Lima and solve this problem,” he said.

Similarly, the report also said that it regrets the inconvenience this situation has caused to thousands of passengers.

Report of the Ministry of Transport and Communications on the return of operations at Jorge Chavez Airport.

For his part, Karbach chairman, JOSE LUIS BARRIOS ESPINOSA“There is a contingency plan, but not for these events; because this case is a problem of underground wiring; it never happened. This wiring was installed in 2010, and this is the first time that something like this happened”; insisting that the emergency that caused thousands of Peruvians and foreigners to suffer was not foreseen.

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He insisted that the short circuit that caused the landing strip to be disabled for more than 10 hours was caused by a lack of maintenance in the underground wiring and “(a contingency was not planned for) because it never happened”. “One problem is that some of the underground cables have insulators that look a bit worn out.”

President Gorbachev details short circuit at Jorge Chavez Airport that delayed 128 flights | Chanel N

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