Pati Lorena on Ethel’s driving: “She’s copying mom’s formula, but the kids of that era are in Repagliati”

Pati Lorena on Ethel’s driving: “She’s copying mom’s formula, but the kids of that era are in Repagliati”
Pati Lorena, who drove Ethel Bozo: “Copying her mother’s formula, but from that time there are small signs in Repagliati”

Strong notifications. In a recent interview Buddy Lorena from America for Magali TV Law Firm, Magali Medina He addressed the conduct Ethel Bozo As the host of America Television’s morning show ‘America Hoy’. MedinaKnown for his honesty and experience in media, he questioned production decisions surrounding his television career EthelEspecially comparing her to her mother’s influence, Gisela Valcarcel.

During the conversation, Medina Consulted Further Producer’s responsibility for decision to place Bozo in charge of programs of televisionvision “You’ve worked for years Gisela Valcarcelyou know Ethel Bozo“Would you hire her as a producer or host a TV show?” Medina. As expected, the communicator did not hesitate to answer.

“I believe the responsibility there lies with the producer, because I believe the producer did what his team did, and it seems to me that they said Ethel “Let him copy mom’s formula,” opined the former producer ‘Miss Peru 2016’ Lorraine He did not hesitate to point out that Ethel She follows in her mother’s footsteps but points out that the current panorama calls for a change in television dynamics.

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“All the ‘girls’ of that time are in ‘Repagliati’. In other words, today’s ‘girls’ are empowered, independent, other-minded women,” she added.

Further He explained the formulas used in the past, etc Gisela Valcarcel, will not work on current TVs. “You can’t stay with a formula because women like that, oh, no, they’re too shy, they don’t work in television today. It won’t work, it won’t work“, he said.

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Likewise, the communicator suggested that Bozo should adapt more to meet the expectations of the young and modern public. “‘Motochitas’ doesn’t work on TV anymore. Nothing anymore. That happened 26 years ago, and I got on TV 26 years ago. Not normal. It was, ’90s, ’90s,” the veteran producer concluded.

(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Most recently, the morning show host ‘America Today’, Ethel Bozo, has promised through his social networks that he will continue to lead the television magazine until the end of the current year. In a conversation with her followers, the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel resolved doubts about her future work at America Televisión.

The popular host shared details about his current contract and possible negotiations for next year. “My employment contract with America TV runs until the end of this year. About the next one, I haven’t sat down to talk with them yet because we have a current contract,” Ethel answered questions from her followers on Instagram.

Faced with the suggestion of changing the ‘America Hoy’ schedule to accompany the housewives at lunch, Ethel Bozo expressed her excitement: “I’d love to.” However, he stressed that any decision on programming adjustments must be discussed internally.

Recognized for his closeness with the public and his energetic style of television hosting, the presenter also reflected on his future prospects: “I hope to have life and good health in 2025, first of all. And work, of course. But I will look into it later, just like last years.

Magali Medina calls Ethel Bozo, Janet Barbosa and Brunella Horna “liars” for criticizing Sofia Franco. instagram


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