Patricia Benavides’ Travels: 5-Star Hotels, a Weakness for Swiss Chocolates and Luxury Spending on Her Visit to 11 Countries

Patricia Benavides’ Travels: 5-Star Hotels, a Weakness for Swiss Chocolates and Luxury Spending on Her Visit to 11 Countries
Patricia Benavides traveled to different countries between luxuries and whims. Public Ministry.

Within a year of assuming office Advocate of the Nation, Patricia Benavides enjoyed indulgent perks like indulging in Swiss chocolates, staying in five-star hotels and eating hundreds of soles worth of gourmet food while visiting at least eleven countries on three continents. The way the media described it Hildebrand in his thirteenth In a statement issued last Friday.

Her first destination abroad was Chile, with her husband Luis Espinoza Quiroz, a construction entrepreneur. On the 25th of August, he arrived at the southern destination to stay till the 30th of the same month.

Once there, his $4,806 per day for tickets, hotel and travel insurance.. Benowitz said his office received a call from Jorge Abbott Carmen, the national prosecutor of Chile’s public ministry, to “discuss the problems of transnational organized crime.”

Already in Santiago, she and her husband spent the weekend at the five-star NH Collection Hotel located in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Vitacura. He paid S/ 800 per night for his VIP room. The accommodation fee is S/3,952 per state.

Benavides This does not include restaurant or mobility bills in the liability. He opted for a simple affidavit to justify the 1,000 soles of food and S/708 transportation costs, but he could obtain proof of payment and Public Ministry regulations indicated that lawyers traveling abroad could only be supported with an affidavit. Costs up to 20%, but only if there are no invoices at destination.

Then, in September 2022, Patricia Benavides Received an invitation from the European Union for an “international internship” in Spain with members of the National Board of Justice and the Academy of Justice. He spent eight days in Barcelona and Madrid on this trip, with hotels paid for by the hosts. Even so, the Ministry of Public Affairs gave him USD1,080 for “installation costs”.

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On his return to Peru, he prepared a brief two-paragraph report of his trip.

A month after this trip, Patricia Benavides He went to the US to participate in a three-day human trafficking workshop sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). His report was also very brief.

In November, he traveled to Asia at the invitation of the United Nations to participate in an event on wildlife trafficking. Although the organizing agency again covered the costs, the prosecutor’s office allocated USD 4,577 for “other additional costs”.

On this trip he stayed at the five-star Pullman Hotel, which had “award-winning bars and restaurants, state-of-the-art spas, dance halls and the largest pool in Bangkok”. Benavides extended his hotel stay an extra day, so last night was at the expense of the state attorney’s office.

On his return, he stopped in Amsterdam, stopped at a souvenir shop and ordered delicious waffles, gouda cheese and hazelnut chocolates, resulting in the S/281 bill on behalf of the prosecutor’s office.

Attorney for the Nation, Patricia Benowitz

In February 2023, Patricia Benavides He traveled with Supreme Deputy Prosecutor Marco Humano and Provincial Prosecutor Ricardo Tulando to interrogate businessman Sada Korey, who is currently in jail. According to the account, Benavides stayed at the Holiday Inn Port. The accommodation fee is USD 451 in total.

Additionally, expenses without receipts for the Miami trip are S/ 1,037. Even without these receipts, there is a record of his purchase at CVS Pharmacy, a duty free souvenir shop, where he bought gummies and chocolates for S/236.

In March this year, Benavides Returned to Europe. On this occasion his tour included Spain, Switzerland and the province of Andorra. In this case, it was the initiative of the Attorney General, so the 7-day tour was exclusively accepted by the Public Ministry, which cost $ 8,500.

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He took the opportunity to visit the “Duron 1880” house in Madrid, the world’s most expensive nougat company, which translates to S/ 452 bill. Additionally, in Madrid, he stayed at the five-star NH Collection Hotel. . A total of S/ 2,127 for two nights.

During his days in Barcelona he opted for four-star HCC hotels. The bill for two nights was S/ 1,625.

National Prosecutor Patricia Benavides appeared before the Justice Commission for a summary hearing against JNJ.

On May 10, he left for Argentina for two days with US$3,110 in a daily bag. The lawyer enjoyed the S/403 menu at a fancy grill and ribs restaurant.

On the night of March 15, I was already in Bern, Switzerland. Benavides He went to a wine bar where he consumed S/243. A few hours ago, he bought the famous Swiss chocolates, the bill of which was S/561. On this occasion, he chose Peruvian and Argentinian restaurants.

He also visited Yagumanga, Gaston Agurio’s restaurant, and ordered lomo saltado with salty noodles. The bill was S/ 227. The next day he added S/ 268 and tasted the Argentinian grill with fries, appam, tiramisu and a cocktail.

“Before taking the flight back to Lima, he stopped at a duty free store and completed the ritual of filling his bag with sweets. The bill totaled S/437 in chocolates and candies,” the weekly report said.

This time, Patricia Benavides He did not document expenses totaling S/ 3,343 with receipts.

On May 10, he returned to Argentina for two days and was allotted USD 3,110. The excuse is to participate in the XXXIII Special Meeting of Mercosur Public Ministries. He spared no expense and enjoyed the S/403 menu at a fancy barbeque and ribs restaurant.

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“In mid-June he returned to Spain for a ‘digital justice study tour.’ He was ready to travel back to Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) with the travel package,” explained H13.

As the costs of the National Prosecutor’s Office unfold, his lawyer Anibal Quiroga pointed out that the precautionary measure in favor of his client to freeze the investigations of the National Board of Justice (JNJ) was never revoked.

Patricia Benavides’ lawyer questioned the JNJ judges’ lack of “impartiality”. Video: RPP News.

“What the judge understood was that these procedures were carried out very quickly and without the basic rules of due process National Judicial BoardBecause they show bias and preconceived notions, without due process rules, proceedings are suspended until final decision is reached,” he pointed out.

Judges of Advocate JNJ, Inés Tello and Aldo Vásquez“They are clearly biased and the board’s feverish activity to move the process forward despite the court’s pending new resolution these past three days has been noted.”

Finally, he pointed out the leader Public Ministry It will be responsible for all the trials before the JNJ, which will be conducted by a single magistrate who will exhibit complete impartiality in their work. “This is your constitutional right,” he insisted.


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