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2024 started off a bit slow in terms of big international concerts in Peru. Two programs he delivered come to mind Carol G In April, at San Marcos Stadium; A recital given by Mana to his fans in the same month and place; And the Ultra Festival, with electronic music’s best figures, was on the verge of cancellation due to problems with the municipality of Lima. Unlike other years, 2024 is conspicuously devoid of big names. While major artists in the urban and Latin pop world continued to be announced, there were many missed announcements of voices and stars with a much bigger calling and a legend behind them.

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The situation took a surprising turn this month with the announcement of Paul McCartney’s arrival. When no one expected it, news of the former Beatle’s concert seemed to fall from the sky. Everything happened so fast it seemed like a dream. On June 10, the show was announced and, to the surprise of many, the National Theater was already completely sold out eight days later. A sold-out show on the second or third visit is against the maxim held by many local businessmen, who point out that no artist performs well the first time. In 2014, Paul enjoyed a bit of it during his second visit to the country, but those empty seats seen then will be a bad memory now.

Paul McCartney greeted his fans on his first visit. Photo: Lino Cipana/ El Comercio.

Concert ‘Influence’, Daniel Vergara (IG: ), rehearses a response to this event: “For starters, it’s lucky to see Paul, because it’s not a cheap tour, it doesn’t reach all of South America; For example, the concert country of Colombia has yet to have a date set. On the other hand, Peru offers the lowest prices in the region. That and the distance of years relating to his last gig is ‘sold out’ I guess.”

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Apart from the confusion on the day of ticket sales due to the issue of expensive experience packages, which were not handled by the promoter, but by the artist himself, a ticket for McCartney’s first zone this year costs S/790. Contrast that with S/1,450 for the super VIP section closest to the stage at his 2014 concert in Peru. The God Back Tour brings the “Hey, Jude” singer to the stadium this October 27th.

A festival of advertisements

Another surprise announcement this month is the arrival of four-time Grammy Award-winning rocker Lenny Kravitz, who will descend on Lima on December 8 for a show at Arena 1 in San Miguel. Good Lenny enjoyed great success in the nineties and the decades that followed, but in recent years we’ve known him only as a fashion icon, a Hollywood actor in “The Hunger Games” and his privileged twenty-something physique. -Something in his 60s. But this 2024 was the year of his musical rebirth with his twelfth album “Blue Electric Light”, which earned him many accolades from the specialized press. The Associated Press called his new song “glorious” and called his new music “the best rock he’s done in years.” As a musical personality, his image has been highlighted this year with a star presented to him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And at the last People’s Choice Awards he was presented with a trophy for his portrayal of an iconic musician. In his second visit to the country, Kravitz will play to a crowd of more than 10,000, a real challenge given that the last time it was far from a full house at Jackie Plaza.

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Lenny Kravitz during his concert in Lima in 2019. The singer will return to Peru for his “Blue Electric Light Tour 2024”. Photo: Giuliano Buiklece.

“In terms of ticket sales, we have to think we are back to normal,” says Vergare, adding that there will no longer be the ‘sold out’ events of a couple of days seen two years ago. will be the same. Peruvians, he says, will revert to old habits of buying at the last minute. This may affect the Libido show, which is yet to sell out on July 6. “However, a Peruvian band playing a stadium is something that stands out,” he points out.

A number of concert announcements have been released this month across a variety of genres. Mexican idol Alejandra Guzmán will return to Peru to perform two concerts in Lima and Arequipa. The Germans also announced the arrival of the Tokyo Hotel, which is to be sold. Bachata fans, on the other hand, will be dancing to Aventura at the National this October 16, and independent music fans are gearing up for Aurora, The Drums, DIIV and more. Artists coming to Macro festivals in Colombia, Argentina and Chile are still to be announced. There may be more surprises.


Concert Program 2024

Paul McCartney (The Return)

Date: October 27

Venue: National Stadium

Prices: The event is sold out

Lenny Kravitz (Blue Electric Light Tour)

Date: December 8

Venue: Arena 1

Prices: S/173 to S/489. There are only three parts to the court

Libido (The Meeting 2024)

Date: July 6

Venue: National Stadium

Rates: From S/142 (Field C) to S/230 (East and West Levels)

Tokyo Hotel

Date: December 8

Venue: Exhibition Park Amphitheatre

Prices: S/185 to S/450

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Thunder and the Papasonics (Casquean Rock Per)

Date: September 14

Location: Costa 21

Prices: From S/377 to S/552. Argentinian artists arrive as part of the Gasquin Rock Festival

Juanes (Together for Your Concert)

Date: August 16

Location: Multispace Costa Verde

Prices: S/164 to S/399


Date: 31st August

Location: Videna Legacy Headquarters

Prices: S/. 190 and S/. 320 (Two Zones)

Maria Becerra

Date: September 12

Venue: Arena 1

Prices: S/290 and S/. 390 (two zones, regular price)


Date: November 8

Location: Costa 21

Prices: S/ 144 to S/. 350

DIIV (Indigents Presenta: DIIV)

Date: September 6

Venue: Leguia Theatre

Prices: S/ 150 and S/188


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