Paulo Guerrero quits Liga de Quito after hinting at Alianza Lima in photo shoot

Liga de Quito forward Paulo Guerrero surprised thousands of fans by mentioning Alianza Lima during a photo shoot in Ecuador.

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Paulo Guerrero is currently the footballer in the Quito League after his double century against Defensa y Justicia for the Copa Sudamericana. With 90 minutes to go before the continental final, ‘Predator’ fans are building a lot of excitement.

Now, 90 minutes ago in Argentina LDU was doing a photo shoot. One of the protagonists is Peru’s attacking midfielder, who will be making his debut in this semi-final.

After this audiovisual work by Liga de Quito, Guerrero was asked a round of questions so that he could express his feelings in a few words that fully represent his life. With that in mind, he didn’t hesitate to mention Alianza Lima, much to the surprise of thousands of fans.

After consulting his swelling, Paolo Guerrero firmly said “Alianza Lima”., a surprise surprise for LDU fans. However, he later stated that after the love he has received in recent months, he is now also from Quito League.

On the other hand, Paulo Guerrero also had passionate words about Peru, making it clear that it was “his beloved country”. In this way, the ‘Predator’ is preparing for the semi-final clash of the Copa Sudamericana.

When does Paulo Guerrero play?

Paulo Guerrero’s next Quito league game is against Defensa y Justicia in the second leg of the Copa Sudamericana semi-final. The match kicks off on Wednesday, October 4 at 5:00pm Peruvian and Ecuadorian time (7:00pm in Argentina).

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