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Three of the attorney’s office’s most efficient collaborators impeached Congress Americo Gonzaof Free PeruIn the case Irregular promotions In the Armed Forces and National Police during the government of Pedro Castillo.

This was stated by the National Advocate. Patricia BenavidesIn the constitutional complaint he filed against Congress against Castillo for abuse of power, illegal sponsorship and personal passive bribery.

The complaint went to former Defense Minister Walter Ayala for crimes of criminal organization, abuse of power, illegal sponsorship, bribery and influence peddling.

These are collaborators identified with EFICCOP codes 03, 04 and 05 -2022. They cooperate with the investigations of the Special Committee of Prosecutors Against Corruption.

It is stated in the constitutional complaintA criminal network led by Castillo tried to take control of the armed forces.


Effective Collaborator 05-2022-EFICCOP, the prosecution said that a “route” to military promotions went through Bruno Pacheco, the former Secretary General of the Office of the President, who was in contact with Gonza.

“[…] For promotions, another route was through former secretary of the Palacio Bruno Pacheco, who permanently integrated Peru Libre American with the Congress of Gonzales.

Effective Collaborator 05-2022-EFICCOP

Gonza’s role and 03-2022 and 05-2022 Collaborator’s Testimony Presented by El Comercio Inside Reports published at the end of December 2022.

Pacheco was prosecuted as the coordinator of the criminal network he allegedly led Castillo. Meanwhile, Gonza was included in the “Congress Committee” of the same criminal organization.

According to the public ministry, the “Congress arm” was part of the first level of the criminal network and its members had decision-making, coordination and administrative capacity.

Members of that group would be Raul Dorotio, Elvis Vergara, Juan Carlos Mori, Jorge Luis Flores Ancachi, Jacques Darwin Espinosa, Ilyich López Urena, and the parliamentarians known as “Los Niños.”

According to the prosecutors, they would have appointed officers who were aligned with the interests of the criminal organization.

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Meanwhile, Effective Collaborator 04-2022-EFICCOP said the prosecution observed that during the first week of August 2021, PNP General Javier Gallardo Mendoza entered the presidential office with Gonza.

“In the first week of August, I noticed that General Javier Santos Gallardo Mendoza arrived with the lawyer Patricia. […] [Sovero] Nino, they were in the parking lot of the Government Palace, and then they entered Castillo’s presidential office with Congressman Americo Gonza. […]”

Effective Collaborator 04-2022-EFICCOP

According to the prosecutor, during that visit to the office Castillo, would have created the appointment of Gallardo as the PNP’s Commander-in-Chief, which took place on August 6, 2021. This was accomplished by a Supreme Resolution signed by Castillo on September 2 of the same year.

In a complaint to CongressThe Head of Public Ministry noted: “The criminal organization was able to take over through Congressman Gonza Castillo of the American Republic. […] To Javier Santos Gallardo Mendoza, General of the National Police of Peru”.

This hypothesis is supported by the report of Effective Collaborator 03-2022-EFICCOP, who stated that Gonza “constantly met with the President. Castillo For example, before the appointments of Commander General Gallardo.

“[…] I know that Congressman Americo Gonza from Peru Libre met regularly with President Castillo before appointing Commander General Gallardo. […]”.

Effective Collaborator 03-2022-EFICCOP.

Supportive law governing effective cooperation

Last June, Gonza advocated before a full session of Congress A bill to limit the number of effective co-operations. He was the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee during the 2022-2023 legislative term.

The initiative was shelved in October 2022, but Gonza asked the full committee to approve a reconsideration. After parliamentary debate, the plan received 84 votes in favor, 27 against and three abstentions.

The plan defines the time frame for recognizing effective collaboration at 8 months. “For justifiable reasons”, the trial may be extended by another four months, he says. And in case of organized crime, the extension is up to 8 months.

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However, last month the governing body upheld the rule.

In a conversation with El Comercio, Gonza denied falling into a conflict of interest. “The issue of effective cooperation in criminal enterprises has its own terms, which are special”He pointed out.

Until last week, the legislator was the chairman of the Congressional Oversight Committee, but Free Peru He leaned toward Wilson Quisbe.

The Seven Arms of the Criminal Network

Constitutional complaint against Castillo Ayala points out that the criminal network they allegedly coordinated was made up of seven “arms.” Politburo or Shadow Cabinet, Congressman, Family Member, Lobbyist, Chief Secretariat, Ministers and Senior Officials, and Disruptor.

According to the tax hypothesis, Castillo He was the head of the criminal organization. It sought to interfere with the promotion processes of the military and the Peruvian Air Force.

In addition, he pointed out that the network had “captured police headquarters in all border areas of the country” so that its members could flee the country if they were ordered to do so.

To date, former Minister of Transport and Communications Juan Silva and Castillo’s son-in-law, Fray Vasquez, remain fugitives from justice.

The tentacles of the web


1. Shadow Cabinet or Politburo

Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez is the owner of the house in Sarredia passage.

Abel Cabrera Fernandez, a businessman from Sotano.

Jose Nenil Medina Guerrero, former mayor of Anguia District.

Fermin Silva Cayadoba is the owner of La Luz Clinic.

2. Family Hand

Lilia Paredes Navarro, former first lady.

Yennefer, David and Walter Paredes Navarro, Castillo’s brothers-in-law.

Ruptel Oblitas Paredes, Fray Vasquez Castillo and Gian Marco Castillo Gomez, Castillo’s nephews.

4. lobbying arm

Marco Antonio Jamir Villaverde, businessman.

Carelim Lopez Arredondo, lobbyist.

5. General Secretary’s hand

Bruno Pacheco, former Secretary General of the Office of the President

6. Filibuster hand

Aníbal Torres Vásquez, former Prime Minister.

Beder Camacho Gadea, former Undersecretary of the Office of the President.

Eder Viton Burga is a former adviser to the Technical Office of the Presidency.

Felix Cerro Medina, former Minister of Justice.

7. Ministerial Division and Senior Officials

Juan Silva, former head of the Department of Transportation and Communications.

Geiner Alvarado, former president of Housing, Construction and Health.

Walter Ayala, Former Defense Chief.

Hugo Chávez Arévalo, former director of Petroperu.

Javier Gallardo Mendoza, former Commander-in-Chief of the PNP.

Declines to participate

Congressman Gonza told El Comercio that coordinating police and military promotions with Bruno Pacheco was “wrong.” “I am a declared enemy of Bruno Pacheco. I never had a good relationship with that man. I proposed to President Castillo to remove him from his environment.said.

Gonza also denied that the General PNP had influenced Gallardo’s appointment. According to the Congress, he never held a meeting in the palace Castillo and Gallardo.

“I have met Pedro Castillo In my capacity as a Congressman. A statement indicated that the general entered before and behind me. It was a coincidence. […] No one said: ‘I was with the President that day and I saw that the three agreed. The President attends one by one. I have met ministers and other officials during my attendance.”He pointed out.

Finally, he insisted that he was not under investigation in the matter of promotion: “I was not included because there were no organs [de convicción]. In the other folder, among the so-called children, I am honestly included”.

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