“Pedro El Escamoso, Scales Than Ever”: Trailer For Disney+’s Attempt To Beat Prime Video’s “Ugly Betty” | Video | Skip – Enter


Welcome to the competition. Disney Plus Latin America The official trailer was released this Tuesday “Peter the Flaky: Flakier than ever“, a sequel to the popular Colombian soap opera”Peter the Scaly” which made actor Miguel Varoni famous in the 2000s.

The aforementioned premiere attracts attention not only because of the fun of its trailer, but also because of its scheduled date of July 19, the same day Prime Video – Disney Plus Latin America’s rival ‘Streaming War-‘ will premiere.Ugly Betty: The Story Continues”, a sequel to the hit Colombian telenovela starring Ana Maria Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello.

In this way, it is clear that these two mega streaming service chains are ready to fight for the millions of users in Latin America, Spain, the United States and the rest of the world.

In the trailer “Peter the Flaky: Flakier than ever” You can see how the main character of the story meets his son Petrito, played by actor Carlos Torres. The irony is that the young man’s habits are far removed from his father’s ways. For those who saw the first installment in the 2000s, the flaky Pedro was a magnet for sentimental issues. And what remains in this trailer is his weakness for “Brulino”.

There are two soap operas that originated in Colombia (one is Caracal and the other is RCN), which are getting new life with the involvement of international mega-corporations. From Latin America to the World.

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