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The national goalkeeper, who plays for Orlando City in the MLS, was tremendous every time needed against the African side and showed that Juan Reynoso and the whole team can rest easy because we have an elite goalkeeper.

Pedro Gallese, José Carvallo and Alex Valera headed to the police station after a fight with the Spanish authorities. (Photo: Channel N)

What happened to the Madrid police? Recently, Pedro Gallese spoke with Deborah about what he experienced during that time on the outskirts of the Concentration Hotel in Spain. “We had already raised the flag and we saw everyone inside the hotel. When we got to the middle, ‘Yoshi’ began to be pushed by a policeman, and as he was bending down to pick up his bag, I could clearly see that the policeman wanted to climb on him and attack him; All I did was put my hand out”, explained the Peru goalkeeper.

Pedro Kallis clears the ball before Morocco attack (Image: AFP)

Pedro Kallis clears the ball before Morocco attack (Image: AFP)

/ Javier Soriano

Likewise, he revealed what he experienced when approached to explain what happened at a Madrid police station. “They put me in a dungeon, and I was alone for five hours, and they didn’t let the leader or the confederates that went with me in. They came in, they interrogated me, and another episode happened that I don’t want to tell. It was a very rough night, and all I wanted was to go out the next day and play. should,” he said.

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César Baena, current Orlando City goalkeeper coach, spoke to El Comercio about the work Pedro Gallese is doing. Of course, he made it clear that he would only talk about the game and not comment on what happened to the Spanish police.

“I’m not going to tell you about the Pedro incident. “Pedro Gallese is going through a great moment, both in sport and psychology, which allows him to always concentrate,” commented César Baena first in this newspaper.

Pedro Calis was voted man of the match in the match between Orlando and Tigres (Photo: Agences)

Pedro Calis was voted man of the match in the match between Orlando and Tigres (Photo: Agences)

We also asked him about his game strategy with Pedro Gallese in order to be at the high level he shows every MLS matchday. “I do the work of the Orlando City goalkeepers according to the schedule we have during game week,” he added.

In turn, we asked him if he thought Pedro Gallés, with the form he was showing, could go to Europe, to which the Orlando City goalkeeper coach replied. “We in Orlando are always waiting for that moment, we know Pedro’s position and at any moment he will make that leap to Europe,” he said.

“Pedro Gallis is the leader of the pack, he is a man who is always ready to help his teammates. In difficult times, he always goes forward,” Pena told this newspaper.

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