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No one disputes Cueva’s ability with the ball at his feet and his ability to find an unexpected pass in seconds; But his physical condition is also of interest, taking into account the time he has not competed and the cruciate ligament injury that has complicated his life in recent months. In that sense, El Comercio spoke to a doctor and a physiotherapist about how we’re going to see the closest version of ‘Aladdin’ defending Baikal at the 2024 Copa America. Although the official diagnosis was made by the medical department of the national team, which did not comment on the matter, the views of experts clarified the situation for the player in everything.

  • Cristian Cueva’s numbers with the Peruvian team:
Competition Games played goals helps Minutes played
Qualified 38 9 7 2845′
Friendly 34 5 4 2272′
America’s Cup 23 2 4 1820′
the world 3 1 262′

Cristian Cueva: How is he physically going to Copa America?

Julio Kratos, Traumatologist and Orthopedic Specialist, promised that all professional soccer players must have a pre-season before returning to competitive action. It is advisable to take two to three weeks and undergo medical and physical examinations. “If they don’t get him aerobically, he’s not going to be up to par with the other team. Now, physical trainers have methods to match that aerobic capacity. Now, from a technical standpoint, from a speed standpoint, from a football side, coaches know more: training, small Playing soccer or training matches is very different than competing. I highly doubt that a non-competing or club-less player can do that.Expert explains.

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In Cueva’s case, a hamstring injury was the main reason for his eight months of competitive inactivity, as he underwent a series of treatments that allowed him to be considered by Jorge Fossati for Copa America 2024. Maybe not 100%, but in technical command they know the player’s situation and what he can give on the field. “If you haven’t seen the patient or the player and don’t have an accurate diagnosis, it’s not very ethical to talk about an injury”Maintains Kratos, the Peruvian team’s medical department questions little communication about the physical condition of its players. “It’s always good to talk in a clinical part of a group or an exam. Why hide? To be clear, we have to be fair.He adds.

On the other hand, Juan Carlos Astupina is a sports physiotherapist with experience at several first division clubsCueva said he would never reach full fitness and it would be difficult for him to play part-time. “Physically from 1 to 10, it should be a 6 or 7 because the problem is muscular. There are functional choices for that and to learn how. If his muscles are good, he can function for about 30 or 40 minutes. It’s always been said that an injury like that is less and less. Depending on the needs of the team, the coach will enter in the first minutes or the last minutes.”He points out.

Cristian Cueva did not have a squad but was included in the final 26-man roster for the Copa America.  (Photo: Peruvian National Team)

Cristian Cueva did not have a squad but was included in the final 26-man roster for the Copa America. (Photo: Peruvian National Team)

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Christian Cueva: What does he reveal and what to expect from him?

With Sergio Peña questionable and Piero Quispe still unbreakable, all eyes are on Cristian Cueva, who is inactive and Jorge Fossati’s bet for the 2024 Copa America. La Bicolor needs to progress collectively and the coach is out for him because he believes he can add to the team; However, there is a risk the technical team is willing to take: a potential recurrence of the player’s injury. “He has a cruciate ligament problem. One in ten experts say he won’t need surgery. Regenerating the tissue is a process under your responsibility, which may be partially damaged. The rest is structural; That is, do good strengthening to have good hip, knee and ankle joint range.Astubina mentions.

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For his part, Dr. Kratos warns that the athlete’s danger lies in not preparing the muscle fibers. “This is an issue to be expected. If a pass is given to a player who is not competing and plays a few minutes or part of the game, I believe it is intercepted. However, of course, the muscle fiber is not in the best condition to compete, especially in the fast fibers (dribbling, dribbling, explosive movement). than slow fibers (aerobic movement in exercise).details.

However, there are exceptional cases like Alberto RodriguezThe World Cup player was ready to play with the Peruvian team at Russia 2018 despite a brief injury lay-off. “He was injured, he trained, he didn’t play football and he was ready to play in an official match. He was one of the few who didn’t need it because of his athleticism, fiber type. He was very fit, the locomotor part was there to compete, he didn’t need adaptation training like most players.Kratos reveals that he emphasizes that this situation is not ideal, as all players must retrain before competing again.

Alberto Rodriguez has played 78 games for the Peruvian national team throughout his career, including the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Photo: (Spread)

Alberto Rodriguez has played 78 games for the Peruvian national team throughout his career, including the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Photo: (Spread)

And to protect the player, he can recover according to the plan, the task of technical command is important. “Paolo (Guerrero), when he had his first surgery, how hard it was for him to get there. It took two years. He was coming off an injury, as most players are. Securing it is the art of technical command. If they give him (Guevara) a pass, he deserves it. I’m not talking about injuries whether he’s had surgery or not. “That doesn’t apply to me.”Kratos points out.

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Finally, Aztubina commented that when a soccer player like Cueva suffers these types of injuries and spends time inactive, there is always the fear that he might expose himself on the field. “No matter how much psychological strength one has, no matter how much one works with a trainer and has a wide range of equipment, doubt, fear and trepidation are always present in the one percent. One can comply with the entire treatment plan to be followed, but in every field there is always the fear of the first shock at this time.


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