Peru Team | Sergio Pena, Piero Guispe or Christian Gue? Answer to Who was Baikal’s driver against Chile | Copa America 2024 | Game-Total


WATCH: “We have a chicha confederation whose little value is overlooked”: Acid review by Pedro Ortiz Pizzo and Lozano and the Peruvian coach

Against El Salvador, the last friendly, La Bigalar showed flaws while preparing for the game and questioned our dependence on fan Cristian Cueva.

With this panorama in mind, El Comercio polled prominent sports journalists on who should be the 10th in the Peruvian squad for the Copa America and qualifiers.

Piero Quispe, Sergio Peña or Christian Cueva: Who should be 10 in the national team?

Daniel Kaneshiro – Liga 1 Max

1. To me, Piero Quispe. A player supported by his coach can take advantage of the conditions to make him a champion at the Universitario and bring him to soccer in Mexico.

Pamela Fernandez – Ovation

1. For the 2024 Copa America, I consider the choice to wear the Piero Gisbe 10. He is a starter for Pumas de Mexico and was one of the best players in last year’s Peruvian tournament. Given age and projection, it would be best to give him more shots for this and the next South American qualifier. And to say that he needs to improve his physique and get more serious.

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Horacio Zimmerman – Movistar Sports

1. No. According to Edison Flores Hierarchy.

Michael Tancourt – Ovation

1. I think Piero Quisbe would be a great partner and the ease he had at the U’s, not just on the left, as he appeared on the right or behind the striker. Apparently, Sergio Pena already had several chances and he didn’t respond. Even football players say on podcasts that no matter how many times you put a 10 in it, it’s an 8. Pena having the number 8 and 10 is something of a situation. I will stay with Quisbe because we have to give him hope and there is no alternative.

Jampool Pictures – America TV

1. Today, with the absence of Cristian Cueva, I think it is a situation without the home team, which will be seen as the Copa America progresses. Guispe is a player with a lot of projection, he has a lot to exploit, while he needs to gain more strength, power, muscle mass, which allows him to be on par with South American teams. As for Pena, he is an experienced player, everyone already knows about his potential, some will like him more than others, but I wouldn’t say he should be in the 10th position of the national team at the moment. , but better yet, it’s a race that starts on Friday and Fossati has to decide at the end of the Copa America.


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