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Turn on alarms

Testify can know that Joao Grimaldo was suffering from an ailment in his right knee And was examined by the Peruvian team’s medical department last Thursday. In fact, the Sporting Cristal winger had already had this discomfort for several days, which created concern even before the start of the qualifiers. However, despite the pain, it was not a serious injury and his call-up for the matches depended on Juan Reynoso.

The football player worked with his teammates this Friday. however, He wore kinesiological tapes on both knees And, sometimes, he would stop for a few seconds, but beyond these physical discomforts, he continued the exercises like any other. For now, the footballer is fit, but it depends on how he develops these days.

A special guest

The Peruvian team received 21 sparring players to play practice matches. These are footballers between the U17 and U20 age groups. Some of them have been training alongside the senior team Fabrizio Lora, left back and Zilmer’s younger brother.

The 18-year-old footballer belongs to the Sporting Crystal Reserve club, where he trained in the minor divisions, and this year he signed a professional contract until December 2025. Unlike his brother, Laura’s younger self manages another profile. with similar defensive properties. By this time, Juan Reynoso was already working closely with him.

Anti-espionage program

While last double date scaffolding and black cloth had already been attached around the entire home ground, specific security was insisted on for these next gatherings at a special vantage point on a neighbor’s balcony. What if? According to what can be observed this Friday, They are two security guards who protect Bicolor’s privacy from next door And they will be located there throughout the team’s training session.

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As for the footballers playing abroad, Christopher Gonzalez, who arrived in Lima last Thursday afternoon, was the first to join training. Louis Advincula, Oliver Sohn and others are scheduled to arrive this Saturday. The delegation wraps up ahead of a trip to Santiago de Chile on Tuesday.

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