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The Peruvian coach completed the interview cycle with all the national press. This is the second part of his ten minutes with Deporte Total from El Comercio. What are you talking about? Cueva, Valera, Kispe and Kansa. Juan’s word carries weight in Blanco Roja.

Peruvian national team coach Juan Reynoso speaks to El Comercio ahead of June’s friendlies.

For an experienced player with a past in the national team, what should be taken into account in their call-ups? For example, the case of Cueva at Alianza Lima and Edison Flores at Atlas, both substitutes at their respective clubs.

Keep a good gift and the follow-up we do is reflected in the performance. In the specific case of the two (Guevara and Flores) they don’t play, but when they do, we know they continue to make a difference in local media. That, obviously, is valid at some point, other times a guy from the local environment will be called up if he performs well, but in the case of Christian and Edison when they went with the national team they always made the difference and that calms us down. Obviously, they are very worried. I have information because Christian arrives at Alianza at 6.30 or 7 in the morning for his rehab and from there he trains with the team. Same with Edison. Until a few days ago, a physiotherapist from the federation trained with him for almost 15 days in Guadalajara to prepare him. I think those are important guidelines and signs that show they want to be there. That is what we value.

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Are you satisfied with the level of Christian Cueva? Is he a starter in the national team today?

I think that, looking forward to it, would be ignorant of me. If you were talking about the boys’ present a little while ago, we’re going to be more interested in how you’re going to get on with June (15th and 19th). He is coming off a recovery process and we know he will go from low to high and when the time comes it will be defined by the guys competing in that field. A lot has to do with what Christian is going to do between now and then, and we’ll decide at that point. A lot has to do with what the competitor may be offering.

Is Alex Valera currently Gianluca Lapatula’s replacement striker or does he still rely on Raul Ruidas?

No no. Raul is there, Paulo is there, he is good. Percy (Lisa), may God give him a speedy recovery. Alex, in his present day, is certainly setting a trend. Before the previous trip, Alex was not in this place. We’re talking about what’s missing between now and June. In June, maybe God forbid Alex will return to an earlier present. That’s football, it’s what it is now, and the better we see it, the better we’ll make the most of it.

Valera, Calcaterra and Quispe are the three players who usually appear in Peruvian call-ups.

Valera, Calcaterra and Quispe are the three players who usually appear in Peruvian call-ups.

How much does it add to the team that Universitario, Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal are not only the protagonists of Liga 1 but also have good results in international competitions this year?

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A lot, as everyone’s self-esteem grows, Peruvian football. But it gives them extra tools when competing with foreign players, and they make us doubt and think. If you look closely at them, it’s like what happened to polo… Polo finished playing (34′ against Germany, 80′ against Morocco). Brian Reyna is no longer traveling, it’s Ray Sandoval and we got a good look at him and he played some minutes in both games. For me, that’s football, it’s what it is at the moment, if I see them doing well, if they’re competing with outsiders, sometimes if they’re good, then we have to give them a chance.

What does Peru’s technical command have to do with Universitario coach Jorge Fossati?

Now, as the tour is over, the whole coaching staff is going to go to the provinces, the teams in Lima to do something similar to what we did in Europe and start gathering information. Regardless of whether it’s the ‘U’ or Alianza, I think we should go and gather information from everyone. There are teams that are more select than others, but hey, the idea of ​​infusing ourselves with a huge amount of information and giving them what they (the selects) are doing here is nurturing to both parties.

Can’t get a foothold on Mateot yet, is this a pending visit?

Yes, this is a pending visit and I know it will end in giving. We got the information, luckily, from a different area than going to the club. It’s already more of an organizational issue than mine, but what matters to us is the numbers and what’s happening in the games. Of course later we will have more information, which is already the idea of ​​the consortium, the exams, they will find out; And we are going to collect information in a natural way.

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Final comments by Piero Quispe (University) and Jairo Concha (Alianza Lima). Does the technical command monitor them?

They are already on the radar, have been invited, and have gone through more than one process with us. Pierito has had a very important evolution, he is becoming more stable, we see him with more confidence, more priority at Universitario, and Jairo is a player who always plays with the coach at Aianza. He can be used in different positions in the midfield and he is the future of the team for us, so anytime we call him to train with the players from abroad.

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