Pillars of Creation in Space – NASA Shares Shocking Record of N Ganja


The NASA Recently shared a new video Pillars of creation Inside The third dimension.

These three pillars are located inside Eagle Nebula oh M16In our Milky Way Sagittarius, It is 6,500 light years from Earth And the facts Cold gases (molecular hydrogen) and dust from other stellar debris Like carbon eroded by strong winds and punishing ultraviolet light from nearby young, hot stars. According to experts, the system is very similar to the system that gave rise to the Sun.

Just measure it Main column Bunch length 38 billion kilometersTwo structures on its sides Small size They are equivalent Bigger than our solar system.

NASA captured new 3D images of the Pillars of Creation

The amazing recording of The Pillars of Creation is finished in 3D. NASA’s Hubble and James Webb telescopes.

That pictures More complete and comprehensive Since its discovery in 1995, these star-forming clouds have allowed Demonstrate the importance of working together Space Agency and two of the most powerful space observation structures in the world.

Meanwhile he Hubble focuses more on Visible light and objects that glow at high temperaturesHe web A Infrared vision Very useful when capturing Stars embedded in pillars and cool objects.

When we combine observations from NASA’s space telescopes at different wavelengths of light, we expand our understanding of the universe.said Mark Klumpin, director of the Astrophysics Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “The pillars of the creation region provide us with new knowledge that sharpens our understanding of how stars form. Now, with this new visualization, everyone can experience this rich and captivating landscape in a new way.

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