Home Economy PitaPharma reaffirms its commitment to the social economy during its General Assembly

PitaPharma reaffirms its commitment to the social economy during its General Assembly

PitaPharma reaffirms its commitment to the social economy during its General Assembly

Pharmaceutical distribution cooperative PitaPharma held its General Assembly in Madrid, where it announced its firm commitment to the pharmaceutical industry in chapters such as economic, social and environmental sustainability and last year’s economic results.

In his speech, Antonio Mingoranz, President of Pitapharma, wanted to underline the objective and unwavering commitment to pharmacy. Mingorens highlighted that the development of Pitafarma points to a threefold strategic objective: “Establishing the integration of the project in its regional deployment, using the ‘Pitafarma style’ of relationships defined by trust and positioning itself in the market. Environments where it wants to be truly cooperative, as the social economy aims to be.”

Mingorance highlighted the relevance of every medicine that Pitapharma brings to the patient through the most remote pharmacy, describing it as “a rivet that reminds us of our reason for being pharmacists and cooperative members.” That is the source of our meaning. That is our benefit to society, and therefore our acknowledgment of debt to continue to exist, to continue to thrive, and to continue to serve others in a complex world.

Bidafarma closed 2023 with a market share of 22.63%, sales of 2,810 million euros and profit before taxes of 22 million euros. In this context, Mingorans highlighted the work of Pitapharma’s Governing Board, Management Committee, 1,939 employees and 8,839 partners. The cooperative already has 31 warehouses in 36 provinces and 12 autonomous communities with the most advanced technology and robotics. These logistics facilities serve 618 drug delivery routes carried out daily, ensuring equity among all stakeholders and hence, equity in access to medicine among the population. “We are very proud because it creates wealth and local employment in the region, where the pharmacy is located thanks to our extensive logistics facilities. That is the social economy.”

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In conclusion, Antonio Mingoranz reminded the participants that “in the near future, as a partnership we want to continue to be, Pitapharma needs to be even stronger in protecting pharmacists as independent health professionals, and our pharmacy model that creates that identity is possible.

Through these achievements and its orientation towards the social economy, PitaPharma reaffirms its commitment to the health and well-being of people in all the territories in which it operates.


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