PNP Commissioner Sogabaya jailed for asking for bribe: PJ gives him 20 months detention

PNP Commissioner Sogabaya jailed for asking for bribe: PJ gives him 20 months detention
Commissioner Victor Raul Garando Ramos was arrested for accepting bribes from informal enterprises in the town of Cerro Colorado, Arequipa. (Photo: Composite – Infobay/Renato Silva)

After being detained inside Mariscal Castilla Police StationIn Cerro Colorado (Arequipa), former commissioner and major of the National Police of Peru, for allegedly collecting bribes from informal nightclubs in the area. Raul Victor Garoundo RamosHe was finally imprisoned Sogabhaya JailIn Arequipa.

The decision is made by the judge Janet Lastra RamirezPresenter of the Sixth Preparatory Trial Court, for corruption cases of officials of the Superior Court of Arequipa 20 months in detention And to Garoundo Ramos and the driver, Thomas Choke MedranoHe was part of this criminal organization dedicated to extorting bribes from these types of premises.

The two men allegedly involved in the crimes are being interrogated Criminal organization Y own passive bribery In the scope of their police functions. The evidence presented shows that Neither Carando Ramos nor Choque Medrano meets the requirements for work and home rootsAccording to the judge’s analysis.

In the case Garoundo Ramos, The prosecutor’s office noted that the commissioner lived in a room next to his police office, which was deemed insufficient for a house arrest. Also, his alleged work in private security was not sufficiently substantiated, which is why his work roots were dismissed.

Major PNP Víctor Raúl Garaúndo Ramos, head of the Mariscal Castilla police station, was initially arrested. | latin news,

Thomas Medrano lacked stable employment and a stable residence, the court determined. If convicted, Judge Lastra Ramirez noted that Garando Ramos could Disqualified from police functions From five to 20 years.

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Both the accused will be tried while in jail Sogabhaya Jail. During the process, summonses will also be issued to other police officers allegedly involved in the crime. Collection of bribes from night companiesAs part of further investigation.

Organizers attended Tomas Enrique Choque Medrano, who was responsible for identifying and contacting the owners of the premises. Affected establishments include Mónica Alejandra Álvarez Marín’s Video Snack, Juan Carlos Luján’s spicy restaurant Los Sencas y Sus Encantos, Los Barcheros Latinos, Las Guches (for Venezuelans), El Sotano and Artemba.

According to the complaint of Juan Carlos Cornejo Luján, manager of Las Senccas y sus Encantos spicy restaurant, he was summoned by Tomás Choque to a restaurant in Huaranguillo on February 12, after it closed for the second time in a row. At that meeting, Caraundo asked for S/.1,500 for each of his premises, in exchange for informing him of municipal interventions. Finally, the amount was agreed upon at S/.1,400 for each location.

PNP Commissioner Víctor Garaundo of the Mariscal Castilla Police Division would have identified those businesses that, according to the prosecutor’s office, used the state apparatus and its power to collect bribes | Photography: PNP

The first payment was made on February 14 and the process was repeated until the commissioner was arrested. According to the prosecutor, other executives of informal businesses were subjected to the same procedure.

Within the organization, according to the prosecutor’s office, Garando issued orders, Tomás Soc was in charge of collecting, and PNP non-commissioned officer Giancarlo Cornejo Vázquez occasionally drove the patrol car. He shifted the Commissioner to informal premises.

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During the operation, officers searched six properties and found approx S/. 20,000 in cash, S/. 56,000 at Mariscal Castilla Police Station. The judiciary has ordered the detainees to be remanded for seven days pending investigations.

The area where these agents operate is known to have bars masquerading as restaurants to sell alcohol and engage in prostitution activities at night. Journalist César Espinoza noted this, “Tomás Choque Medrano’s wife is in charge of distributing beer to these stores, so she is the connection. It was she who, through her husband, contacted the elder and he said to them: ‘Very well, since you distribute beer to these places, tell them to look for me, and if they do not look for me, I will go. To intervene, I am going to continue to take steps.

According to the Public Ministry’s investigations, more people may have been involved, from police officers to municipal inspectors.


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