Police forced prisoners to withdraw money from ATMs in exchange for their freedom

Officers also raided the houses of the accused – RPP credit

Three armies National Police of Peru (PNP) and a citizen were arrested and accused of belonging to the criminal organization ‘Los Cómicos de Apolo’. The gang was dedicated to arresting people by asking them to go to ATMs and withdraw money.

A criminal network busted inside the Apollo Police Station success, Luis Armando Guerra Quispe, Rafo Hevard Romero Romero, Cesar Gregorio Aguilar Lora and Richard Andres Lontop Mamani were members. Their houses were also raided.

The operation was carried out by the Directorate General of Investigation of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the PNP Anti-Corruption Directorate.

“By the order of our Lord, General Walter OrtizOrdered to clean the house. We are an administration Zero corruption. “We are not going to allow any police officer to indulge in these activities that tarnish the reputation of a good police officer,” the Deputy Home Minister said. JUAN JOSE SANTIBANESIn an interview RPP.

The Interior Minister confirms that the move is in line with the zero corruption strategy – Credit Europa Press

On his part, the head of the portfolio briefed the media custody They don’t exactly carry out official procedures, but instead They asked them for money to avoid arrest.. The amounts requested are around S/ 1,000, S/ 2,000 and S/ 3,000.

“This is a job that Djemin has been doing, of the Ministry of Home Affairs, with the Anti-Corruption Department and the Public Ministry. They had the co-operation of a citizen, to whom they sent the money back. We stand behind more victims of this and call on them to get recognition and support a stronger complaint,” he said.

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According to Walter OrtizThey are investigating the complaint Prosecutor’s Office, but he emphasized that not all victims blame these acts. Similarly, in addition to the searches conducted at four houses, the police station is verifying certain documents like vouchers, he said.

“This is a fight against zero corruption. It will continue. Likewise, I have information that the former mayors of Huancavelica and Ancash have also been arrested on corruption charges,” he said.

Dircocor and the prosecutor’s office, specializing in official corruption crimes, worked together to dismantle the Andean debt corruption network.

In a recent operation coordinated by the Anti-Corruption Directorate (Tyrkokor) from PNP Y The prosecutor’s office specializes in corruption offenses by officialsTwo non-commissioned officers were arrested for demanding bribes from drivers Yes.

It happened at the police station From Huanchaco District, La Libertad Region, Trujillo Province. Diego Jesus Sandistepan VeraArrested, however Jonathan David Rios Marin He is still a fugitive.

Subsequently, allegations were made against the agents Jean Orlando Valencia Valderrama In the past, he was extorted by authorities after being arrested for drunk driving May 9, 2024.

Police used Yap to extort money from victims and avoid arresting them – Credit Andina

Despite initially trying to resolve his situation by offering S/50 and S/100, the agents increased the demand for a larger sum and then confiscated his phone to force a change of S/120. Yes.

Subsequent investigations were incorporated Renzo Steven Flores Abad With Non-Commissioned Officer Sandystephan Vera. In this way, the chief received financial transfers at Vera’s request, which were then diverted to Ríos Marín.

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In National Police of Peru It is expected that Up to 1,500 troops retire For moral reasons in 2024, previous figures have already indicated a growing trend of severe economic sanctions within the company.

He Deputy Director of El Milagro Prison in Trujillo, Percy Rojas AguirreThe on-duty warden was arrested Daniel Arroyo VelasquezIllegally carrying two packages Basic Cocaine Paste (BPC).

As evidenced by the pictures published by the portal InvestigationArroyo Velásquez performed a delivery at the request of an inmate at the institution.

Immediate reaction of management Miracle It allowed us to integrate Public Ministry And this National Police Narcotics Unit (Depandro)Present at the Jail for further investigations.

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