Powerful earthquake hits Arequipa LIVE: Two new earthquakes hit Peru’s southern coast

Powerful earthquake hits Arequipa LIVE: Two new earthquakes hit Peru’s southern coast

Two new earthquakes

On Sunday night, June 16, Two new earthquakes hit southern Peru. He First of all It was recorded at 9:27 pm at a distance of 34 km south-west Road, Karaveli. was Intensity 4.8. Meanwhile he Second It occurred at a distance of 37 km to the southwest at 9:43 pm Road, Karaveli. The latter is A 4.2 Size.

Earthquake in Arequipa. (Composite: Infobae)

PNP will ensure passability on the road network

The Peruvian National Police (PNP) After the quake, its police officers acted quickly to clear roads blocked by rocks falling from the mountains, according to its social networks. Likewise, the company has described that it will continue patrolling the links Dakota Y Mollehuanga The road network must guarantee safety and passability.

Local authorities are restoring traffic on the roads

He National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) A team of Peruvian National Police (PNP) agents helped restore vehicular traffic at kilometer 47 of the road in the sector. Wrong stepJaki district, after a rock slide triggered by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake in the province Karaveli. An educational institute and public campuses were affected by the landslide.

Vehicular traffic is currently prohibited in the area Jockey-Kora Kora Highway In the Arequipa area.

Damage was reported in Sala

Responsible people Disaster Risk Management In Sala district, they reported damage to the windows of Henry Ford Private Educational Institute and the municipal ground in the area. Also, there has been damage to the district municipality More.

Peru’s National Police is patrolling the roads in its jurisdiction to identify any other damage.

At Huanuhuanu, landslides were recorded Dakota And inside Mollehuaca, damages are assessed; While being the main road of the district Jackie, partially affected. So far there has been no harm to life and health. First responders clear the roads accordingly

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A magnitude 6.3 earthquake in Arequipa damaged roads and some structures in the southern region. Houses collapsed in Karaveli too. (Photo: Composite – Infobay/Renato Silva)

“The mountain is collapsing!”: Chala residents’ dramatic video footage

During this morning’s magnitude 6.3 earthquake, various videos are circulating on social networks where you can see stones and mud falling from the surrounding mountains. The intensity of the earth movement and the dust caused by the landslides scared the people of Relau who feared that the mountain might collapse.

A resident of the Relevé district in Arequipa captured the exact moment a mountain collapsed as a result of the earthquake in Arequipa. (Source: Korakora TV)

List of roads blocked by the earthquake in Arequipa

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake in Arequipa affected the following roads, according to reports from local authorities.

  • Karimayo
  • Sala-Sappara-Quigacha
  • Caraveli- Cahuacho
  • Penthouse-Caravelli
  • Penthouse-Camana
  • Calaveritas (744 km Panamericana Sur)

Also, landslides and rock slides were reported in Yauga district of Karaveli province after the earthquake, the Highways Police said.

A child ran in Kamana

Although no human casualties are reported at this time, local authorities note that a child ran during the evacuation and was transferred to Kamana to receive medical attention.

On the other hand, the authorities civil defense and the highway police together with the damage registration and monitoring of the affected roads.

The Ministry of the Interior provides support to the Arequipa region

Minutes after the initial reports of the earthquake in Arequipa, the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) announced that the dispatch of agents from the Peruvian National Police (PNP) was already underway.

“After the earthquake in Salah, the police have dispatched officers from surrounding police stations, agents from the Highway Safety Unit and Rapid Aid Centers. “All staff are on alert for any developments,” the statement said.

There has been damage to Sala ground

According to local news website HBA Noticias, the earthquake in Caraveli caused damage in an area near the Sala Municipal Stadium.

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In addition, local authorities are assessing the situation and coordinating the necessary measures to register other types of damage.

COEN announces coordination with local authorities

As reported National Emergency Operations Center (COEN)Coordination has already begun with agents of Peru’s National Police and local authorities such as local and regional mayors.

“Seismic motion was felt strong in several districts of the provinces of Arequipa, Camana, Caraveli, Condesuyos and Islay. Meanwhile, it was felt moderately in the provinces of Castilla, Gueloma and La Union,” a statement indicated.

In this situation, units from first response agencies, together with local authorities, began to monitor possible damages in the aforementioned vulnerable areas. The Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation (DHN) said that this seismic movement will not generate a tsunami along the Peruvian coast.

Roberto Soto, mayor of Caravelli, reported the damage caused by the earthquake. | Success message

Caravelli reports that houses collapsed as a result of the earthquake and the blockade of Panamericana.

As reported Provincial Mayor of Caraveli, Roberto Soto RiverosResidents of the area were affected by the collapse of some houses during the development of the earthquake, in addition to the blockage of at least one land route.

“I have a report from our Lomas officer. Even in Nazca the earthquake was felt (…) here it was felt very strongly. There is no material damage in the Karveli capital, but I have contacted other district mayors and our technical civil defense secretary to assess the personal damage in this first hour,” the Karveli mayor contacted. succeeded.

A resident of the Relevé district in Arequipa captured the exact moment a mountain collapsed as a result of the earthquake in Arequipa. (Source: Korakora TV)

Soto Riveros requested National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) to support Karaveli By clearing roads that are affected or may have some form of damage. In addition, he pointed out that ambulances passed from Health centers And hospitals to evacuate possible injuries from this strong earthquake.

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A 6.3 earthquake hits Arequipa and a tsunami is avoided

6.3 magnitude earthquake According to information published by the official X account (formerly Twitter) of the National Seismological Center (Sensis), the earthquake was recorded in the area of ​​Arequipa on Sunday morning, June 16, with the center of Sala province. Institute of Geophysics of Peru (IGP).

According to reports received by The National Seismic Network said the movement began at 9:47 a.m. (local time). And it originates in Arequipa, 41 kilometers southwest of Sala, Caraveli province.

The earthquake was at a depth of 25 kilometers in the ocean. According to Asismet, a site specializing in meteorology, this movement will not generate a tsunami along the Peruvian coast.

The IGP recorded a magnitude 6.3 earthquake in Arequipa. (Photo: Capture)

Initial reports indicate that the quake was also felt in other areas such as Ica, Mokugua, Dagna and some coastal areas of Lima.

On the other hand, according to a recent bulletin Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation of the Navy Peru responsible for the earthquake’s National Tsunami Warning System Road, Caraveli (Arequipa) This was analyzed by the National Tsunami Warning Center and confirmed that the earthquake did not cause a tsunami on the coast of Peru. However, the company retained it This event will continue to be monitored.

He Indesi In case of these types of events, avoid panic, find yourself in safe places and follow the family evacuation plan Recommendations from authorities Keep your emergency bag handy.


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