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AI dubbing is becoming more common in Prime Video, especially in Korean dramas. Series like ‘My Man is a Cupid’, ‘Field al Amor’ and ‘El Latino de Mi Corazon’ have the same ‘quality’ of acting. It’s a shame… I have no words…”, said X user and Chilean translator Cristobal Sepúlveda in a ‘tweet’ that has received over 8 thousand “like” reactions.

“It’s impossible for a machine to interpret a character’s emotions as an actor. They’re completely human. (…) And people aren’t stupid, they realize that,” says dubbing director and YouTuber Javier Zuko. .Now, what scares us is that some distributors, who basically don’t see dubbing as an art, prefer to get this kind of software and avoid hiring real actors to save money.

Prime Video’s AI

Use artificial intelligence to perfect the series and movie schedule algorithm, , a management decision, but the use of automation instead of human labor is a concern. As of last year, Prime Video offered multiple language translation options under the Dialog Boost label .

Dialog Boost is still valid in prime video functions, although it's purely decorative.

Dialog Boost is still valid in prime video functions, although it’s purely decorative.

“Dialogue Boost analyzes the original audio of a movie or series and intelligently identifies points where dialogue is difficult to hear over music and background effects. Speech patterns are then isolated and the audio enhanced to make dialogue clearer.” This AI-based approach replaces public amplification in the center channel of a home theater system. , which targets and improves parts of spoken conversation,” explained Prime Video. .

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Anyone entering the platform will notice that Korean dramas no longer have a dialogue boost option. Something similar happens with series like “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” and “The Marvelous Miss Maisel” and the movie “The Big Sick”. In these titles, Prime Video still offers an artificial intelligence option for English translations, but this feature is purely cosmetic, as the actual voices of the actors in that language remain the original. Also, in a Spanish-speaking country, English-speaking translations are not required.

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How Much Does a Voiceover Earn?

“It’s not new that studios are using artificial intelligence,” says Victor Luberti, CEO of Torre a Doblaje Peru, a renowned recording studio and school for dubbing actors. “In January, I attended a service fair in Miami and there were 9 dubbing companies that only worked with AI. A new phase is coming. However, what happened with these commercials and Prime Video shows that implementing the technology to replace human voices is still some distance from the norm,” he adds.

“I attended a service fair in Miami and there were 9 dubbing companies that only worked with AI. A new phase is coming”

Victor Luberti Torrey A. Doblaje is a dubbing actor and CEO of a recording studio

Victor Luberti

The artificial intelligence is fed by the actors’ voices, which are a source to have a base of emotions. Dubbing work usually involves different vocal sounds, inflections, and performances. For this reason, dubbing studios can charge their clients $9 or up to $85 per “loop,” a metric of words and times used in the dubbing world.

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As discussed with other dubbing actors in Peru, if the metric is the equivalent of a seven-word phrase, the characters’ silences and reactions (without words such as yawns or sighs), the actor may charge 1 sole per “loop”. . However, with a count of seven loops, the gain is 30 feet. This is only an average as each company operates with different allowances for actors. Additionally, the amount varies depending on whether it is an independent actor or a dubbing studio.

Application of artificial intelligence in the arts

With the controversy surrounding strikes against the use of AI in Hollywood last year, sites are wary of making sudden changes in the entertainment industry. As if that wasn’t enough, other countries have no restrictions on the matter, but Spain makes the difference. And It also prohibits the use of actors’ and actresses’ artistic input for use in artificial intelligence in employment contracts, explains dubbing actor Victor Luberti.

“What are the limits of artificial intelligence? People’s identity and image rights to their original works must be respected,” explains Eric Iriarte, an expert in digital law. “In streaming, users watch an average of 1 million hours of content per minute, which speaks to the global total. I’d say the training of AI, its quality, and if users participate, AI can be trained in six months or a year,” he adds.

In a dubbing job, there are two important parties, the language translators and the voice translators or dubbing artists. “Both have copyright-related rights, which means they earn a percentage for every series or transfer of images. If a studio removes experts from the equation and replaces them with artificial intelligence, it will be more profitable,” he adds.

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Why does Prime Video have a dialogue boost option? It is found in some titles, but it is incomprehensible. The question remains whether the platform is training any artificial intelligence for future use, while the guild of voice actors and other artists believe that human interpretation and sensitivity can do more than mere technology.


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