Protesters block the Panamericana Norte highway at Sankey Oval | lime

Around 200 protesters, mostly artisanal fishermen, have been protesting since early morning by blocking the highway. Pan American Highway North, at kilometer 86, at Sanke Oval. They claim that Repsol did not comply with established agreements regarding compensation after the oil spill.

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America Notices said they are demanding a dialogue schedule be set up between their representative and Repsol. Heavy police security has been deployed to prevent further disputes. Burnt tires are still on the track.

Traffic has been blocked in both directions to prevent normal movement of private vehicles, inter-state buses, heavy trucks etc.

The answer is the case

19 months ago, more than 11,000 barrels of oil spilled at the offshore terminal of the La Pampila refinery, operated by a Spanish company. Repsol, In Ventanilla District, Gallo. It spread across beaches and caves, killing half a thousand birds and polluting marine flora and fauna, the main livelihood of local fishermen.

Repsol has already paid the fine and is offering S/ 3,000 in aid to the victims.

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Other roadblocks

Last August, residents of Bombai Libre blocked traffic at kilometer 88 of the highway. Pan American Highway North, in Huaral. Reason: Lack of water and drainage in the area.

With stones, logs and burnt tyres, the Ministry of Housing and Construction and Health needs to complete a work that is currently stalled so that basic services can be accessed.

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