Provincial Conference of Young Professionals in Economic Sciences

Provincial Conference of Young Professionals in Economic Sciences

The tenth edition concluded this Saturday with wide participation of young professionals and students of economic sciences.

Provincial Conference of Young Professionals in Economic Sciences “Being Agents of Change” They ended today in Neuquen. At the start, Laura Pereira, Director of PIN Capital and Product Agent of the National Securities Commission, gave a lecture to those who are new to investing in mutual funds and how to advise their clients.

There was also room for the experiences of the first consultancies led by accountants Franco Coralli and Nicolas Gómez Vega; New technologies with cyber security tips, accountant and developer Agustin Bustos Piacentini and Giselle Pontet, consultant and expert in new economies, talked about three implications in the current environment.

The province of Neuquen was represented at the place of dialogue with the participation of the Neuquen Agency for Innovation for Development (ANIDE) by the accountant Diego Désaire, responsible for the technical-management integration of the company. “Innovation is a change in a product, a commodity, a process, a method or a value chain that affects one or more people in society in some way. Taking that into account, it encourages innovation in different areas,” he explained.

Teysair pointed out that ANIDE is a link between national institutions and the province, we manage before the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the nation, the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation, the Federal Council of Science. and Technology and the Federal Council of the Knowledge Economy, among others.

Regarding the origin of the agency, he highlighted “the National Science and Technology Plan, the Provincial Plan, which is linked to 2030, the Five-Year Plan and Provincial Law 3,330.” In addition to this, the experience area will be supported by the regional agenda for science and technology, which we collect across the territory of the province related to issues specific to each location.”

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These sessions were held at the headquarters of the Expert Council of Economic Sciences in Neuquén and were broadcast live to participants from other provinces such as Zabala, San Martín de los Andes and Villa la Angostura elsewhere in the province.


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