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In conversation with the gestion, Juan Alvarez, mayor ChankeAbout 352 square kilometers, i.e. 40% of the total area of ​​the district, is urbanized and under agricultural use.

“Since construction began Porto, price variability is increasing in the city especially in areas near the maritime terminal. Currently, We have 60% land area still free for investments, But until there is an urban development plan, you cannot have anything concrete,” he notes.

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Price variation

The mayor recalled that before the megaport construction announcement, peri-urban land cost US$ 2 per m2. Currently, the price in these areas is around 35 USD.

“15 years ago, we could even find land at US$1 per m2. That is, the value of a square meter in the suburbs has increased by approximately 1,650%. “Now, land near the port is becoming more expensive,” says Alvarez.

According to Cecilia Legaros, Executive Director Association of Real Estate Developers (ADI), At this time, Chanke It has various prices resulting from speculation in the absence of an Urban Development Plan (PDU).

“It is important to mention all of the following Chanke Harbour It is owned by a consortium of Chinese companies responsible for the project. “Leaving this area, you’ll see S/ 4,800 per square meter, and a little further away you’ll find prices of S/ 3,700 and lower until you reach S/ 1,500 per m2,” he points out.

For its part, Fernando Velarde is CEO of VeMás ConsultingUrban land prices have doubled since 2016.The average price of urban land was between US$600 and US$700 per m2, after the announcement of the project. Chanke HarbourIt is growing until it reaches US$ 1,300 or US$ 1,400.

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Predictions and Prospects

According to Velarde, real estate offer in the same city Chanke Most of the lots available in scarcity and for sale are close to the city Hurrell. Although the increase in the price of urban land is immediate, the fairness of statistics occurs when the benefits are defined on the axis between. Hural-Sanke.

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“The housing demand generated by the port is estimated to increase by 5 times the urban space of the city. Chanke. “Demand will be very strong, but we have already seen in other cities that less than 10% of new homes are owned by formal schemes,” he notes.

For his part, the executive chairman ADI He expects the first real estate investments to be for industrial uses such as warehouses. Legaros assures that since the beginning of last year, the demand for storage land has increased. In this case, we will be talking about properties over 5 hectares because they are containers.

“This type of development for industrial use will occur in an area very close to the port as it is a critical point. Marine Marketing. When the boats arrive and the containers are unloaded, they have to wait for customs clearance or marketing. Therefore, the distance and time between the warehouse and the port is essential to reduce transportation costs,” he explains.

Both are experts Real state development And the mayor Chanke Emphasize that there is Urban Development Plan soon. “Until this structure defining the sectors and uses of the region exists, speculation will dominate the market and real estate agencies and formal institutions will delay their investment. There is also a great business opportunity, many Mexican and Colombian companies are already interested in investing. However, sectors need to be defined for adequate urban development. Necessary,” the mayor concluded.

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