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In the competitive world of entertainment technology, the Argentine brand QuintAs part of the Mirgor Group, it focuses on design and quality.

Quint is a modern and innovative brand that has made these ideas its hallmark in the TV market.

By focusing on people and delivering unique experiences, Quint strives to make technology a part of its users’ everyday lives.

“Turn-on” concept

Behind every Quint TV is a concept that inspires its development: “Enable”. Quint understands that when one of his smart TVs is turned on, not only is a screen turned on, but emotions, relationships, and experiences are ignited.

The focus goes beyond technology, seeking to create unique moments for people to share with their friends and family.

With this in mind, Quint presents itself as a technology brand that designs its products with people in mind. Its goal is to create devices that suit the needs and preferences of all its users, making technology accessible and friendly to all.

In his view, a television is not just an electronic device but represents a gateway to emotions and meaningful relationships.

In the current market, Quint has three types of TVs namely 32”, 43” and 50”.

These TVs use the Linux operating system and although they work, they have some limitations. It comes pre-installed with popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video, but the ability to integrate new apps is more limited compared to other operating systems.

To expand its operations and adapt to the changing needs of the market, Qüint is in the process of promoting the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) in its television models of similar dimensions. With this approach, the company works on developing new functions that try to provide a more complete and adaptable experience for current needs.

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IoT is at the heart of this evolution, as Qüint aims to make it more connected to other smart devices in the home. This advancement will allow synchronization between various components of smart homes, improving user comfort and efficiency.

This initiative to integrate IoT and improve operations highlights Qüint’s commitment to deliver a richer and more connected TV experience, tailored to the digital age and customer expectations.

Beyond television

One of the things that makes Quint TVs stand out in the market is their focus on user experience. The brand has incorporated innovative features to take the interaction with television to another level.

A highlight in this regard is “voice control”. Quint TVs are equipped with voice recognition technology, allowing users to control the TV with intuitive voice commands.

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From changing channels to searching for content online, this feature makes it easy to navigate and access a variety of entertainment options using your voice, making your TV experience more convenient and efficient.

The company also invests in research into advanced display panels, increasing resolution and performance to deliver clear and sharp images. In addition, Quint works hard to improve sound quality, providing an immersive audio experience that complements picture quality.

Availability at major retailers

To take its products to a wider audience, it has established its presence in the most prominent retail chains such as Quint, Diggit, Musimundo, Megatone, Ceven, Naldo and Casa del Audio.

This variety of offerings makes Quint TVs available at multiple retail outlets across the country, thereby giving customers the opportunity to experience the brand’s quality and design first-hand.

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Quint continues to evolve the television market, creating an attractive concept for consumers looking for the perfect combination of technology, design and quality. With a constant focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, the brand strives to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of television.

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