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Company R Corpdevoted to cultivation Pitahyas in Olmos (LambayeQ), announced a new development in its Terra Agro-Industrial Program. Therefore, to reinforce his commitment to innovation and sustainable development in agriculture, Pitahayas Manada del Perú will give him 1 million cuts, he said.

Percy Perez, General Manager of Grupo Manada and brand Herd of Pitahyas of PeruThey commented that they have closed one of the largest deals in the supply of plant material.

“Our company will provide one million cuts to Pitayas Manada R Corp – Terra Scheme for Third and Fourth Stages of Pitahaya Crops”, mentioned.

He considered it an action plan Terra It will be converted into one of the largest “dragon fruit” cultivation fields in Peru Latin America Delivery said. that way, R Corp It will seek to expand its production capacity.

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“This alliance not only drives our growth but reaffirms our commitment to our investment partners. “We continue to build a greener and more prosperous future” he added R Corp An Agraria.pe.

The Terra Project

Established in 2020, the project Terra This is the first business model Agricultural Real Estate Agricultural Export Cooperative. Created by Agraria Farmers Terra CooperativeThe 10,000-hectare field focuses on growing exotic produce and superfoods with high nutritional value and high international demand.

Four years after its first plantations, R Corp finalized its export plans Dragon fruit Among the categories of American beauty. In an earlier conversation with the management, the Diego Rodriguez, CEO and founder of the company, Orders from France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Greece, Canada and Switzerland began in February this year.

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According to the administrator’s projections, next year’s campaign will exceed 2,000 tons shipped, including 80 hectares associated with the second phase of the project. In turn, the project continues its course and in the last quarter of 2024, 160 hectares will be consolidated in the third and fourth stages of the 11 planned to be built.

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