Rain in Peru 2023: According to Chenamhi, these 20 regions will receive the most rain

The National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (SENAMHI) has issued an important warning to inform 20 regions that will be affected by heavy rains in the coming days. (Motion: Infopay Peru)

The public is expecting that the rain The strongest intensity already predicted by the National Weather and Hydrological Service (Senamhi) across the country for the next few days. The agency issued a timely warning covering 20 regions, some of which are already serious. Precipitation.

The organization issued the first warning to inform that Mountain range of Peru Heavy rain will occur between 23rd October 25; However, its advisory no. 234 I no. Recently introduced as an extension of 233. This has increased the anxiety of the citizens due to the fear that the ravines will become active or cause landslides and floods.

“Precipitation (sleet, hail, snow and rain) of moderate to heavy intensity will continue from Thursday, October 26 to Friday, October 27,” Senamhi said.

Heavy rain was reported in Huanuco as predicted by Senamhi

In its announcement, the company further elaborated: “Additionally, the event Sleet Areas above 2800 meters and above 4000 meters have snowfall Electric shocks Y The wind blows Likewise, isolated rain of light intensity is expected over central and north coastal districts with a speed of 35 kmph.

According to Senamhi, Thursday, October 26, Heavy rain Values ​​are 18 mm/day in the northern highlands, 16 mm/day in the central highlands and 12 mm/day in the southern highlands. These potential parameters, at present, do not pose a major risk to citizens, which is why the notification states that this is an ‘Orange’ risk level.

“Weather warnings are preventive forecasts in the event of severe events that indicate vulnerable areas and the level of risk,” the countrywide weather forecasting agency clarified.

According to meteorologists, rains are already affecting parts of the north of the country, mostly due to the El Nino phenomenon. (Andean)

The organization has urged people to take safety precautions against this natural phenomenon. In that respect, 20 regions will be affected, according to them Weather Notification n.°Running until Wednesday 25 October, the following:

  1. Amazonas
  2. Ankash
  3. Apurimac
  4. Arequipa
  5. Ayakucho
  6. Cajamarca
  7. Cuzco
  8. Huancavelica
  9. Huanco
  10. Aika
  11. of June
  12. Independence
  13. Lambayeque
  14. Lima
  15. Mokugua
  16. Pasco
  17. Beura
  18. Abundant
  19. San Martin
  20. Dagna
The Chenamhi forecast has become the focus of attention, creating anxiety in communities across the nation. (Andean)

Its weather warning no. 234 (Revised), which runs from Thursday, October 26 to Friday, October 27, excluding parts Huanco, Mokugua, San Martin Y Dagna.

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Due to this, this event is significant El Nino phenomenon, will not be limited to precipitation, as snow and hail are expected in certain parts of these regions. Connecting Weather This can create significant safety risks such as landslides, river flooding and difficulties in road transport.

Last Monday, October 23, the Senamhi Cuzco reported snowfall in line with a rainfall warning. Areas located in the province of Espinar maintained these conditions for several hours. On the same day, the southern and central hills separately delivered precipitation with electrical discharges and wind speeds.

The National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (Senamhi) has issued a distress warning for 20 regions of the country. (Andean)

Likewise, the company pointed out that Ica’s beach was served An increase in wind. He mentioned that the station located at Pisco will run at a speed of 35 km per hour. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, October 24, fog and mist with light drizzle were reported along the coast of the Lima region.

In Cusco, Huánuco, Puno and other areas, netizens confirmed heavy rains. Chenamhi predicted.

In the last few hours, the Meteorological Department has reported that central and southern hills Electric shocks and precipitation. Upper Lima Basin (Matukana) this time giving light rain with electric shocks, he described.

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