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Quarto Boder commemorates a man who has been part of its press team for many years, the famous historian Luis Miranda, with a portrait of the great reports he made for the well-known Sunday program. The images moved host Sol Carreno, who couldn’t hold back a few tears.

Faced with the unfortunate death of a famous journalist in a tragic accident in the sea of ​​Kalaw, the Quarto Boater team decided to dedicate a profile to the famous. ‘very’.

Report bear Miranda when Sol Carreno reads the news and cries

The statement ended with a few words of dedication Miranda, studied Carreno: “Bear: We live many adventures together; But you beat us to it. We will always miss your contagious laugh and bear hugs. Now write the history of this journey and tell it when we see each other again. Your Friends from the Fourth Estate”

Before reading, Sun Careno He couldn’t hold back tears for his friend and partner of many years, Luis Miranda. “I’m sorry. Those who love each other are remembered with joy. With joy we carry you in our hearts, remember that life goes on like this; but that’s it, so if someone wants to say you love it, say it today “, revealed.

Who is Luis Miranda?

Luis Miranda Rodriguez, “El Oso”, a journalist, writer and poet, with more than 20 years of experience in the media, especially in the program “Quarto Poder”, where he demonstrated his skills throughout his life. It was characterized by its calendars that paralyzed Peru every Sunday.

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Tragically, on Labor Day Monday, May 1st, Luis Miranda Calao died after a boat capsized at sea.

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