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“I am the most responsible person for the situation this company is in. They brought me to answer and I didn’t give them.pointed out, between gestures of sadness and helplessness, Ricardo Gareca A few days ago. The ‘Tiger”s mea culpa is due to a negative run of eight games without a win (five draws and three defeats) in the Argentinian league with Velez Sarsfield, a club he admires and idolises. And so he returned to live out his second phase as a coach.

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A decade later he returned to Fortin, in which he signed historic milestones with the Peruvian team, marking a major boost in enthusiasm. After completing a particularly strange 2022, their peak performance led to the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores, but at the domestic level they finished last, 26th. Linears have no neutral. It was heaven and hell at the same time.

Having been a champion with Vélez between 2009 and 2013, Gareca has matured and returned home with more experience and wisdom. Their first games were pure celebration: two wins and a draw. However, everything has changed. The results did not go down with the ‘Tiger’ team and there was talk of relegation.

Today, Vélez is in 22nd place with 16 points from 15 games as a result of three wins, seven draws and five losses. According to the organization of the complex Argentine competition, there will be three eliminations this year and two more will rise with the aim of reducing the number of participating teams from 28 to 22 as the seasons go on.

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Now, two eliminations will be imposed with average points accumulated between each team. League Cup 2021, Professional League 2021, League Cup 2022 and Professional League 2022 and, of course, 2023 preparation between League and Cup. In that respect, Vélez is quietly in the middle of the table, although he could have problems next year if he continues his losing streak.

However, the big innovation this year is that the third drop will be offered through an annual schedule. There, Kareka’s side are seven adrift of last place occupied by the Union. It’s too early to think about relegation, but Fortin’s crisis is here and fans are impatient for good results. Whose fault is it: the players or the coach? Total Sport spoke to two Argentinian journalists who follow Tigre and his team on a daily basis and they give us some insight.

Average table 2023 and 2024. (Photo: Averages.ar)

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Support for Kareka in times of crisis

“He has all the support because he is an idol”Tell us Journalist for the party media ‘El Fortín de Vélez’ and owns the YouTube channel “Noti Vélez” with current affairs and analysis of the lineers group. “It is impossible to think of a replacement for him.”ensures , press man for the media ‘Vélez y su mundo’ and ‘Vélez670’. Both appearances reflect what Ricardo Gareca means to the Argentine establishment.

“Kareka is not guiltyWe can only criticize him on the basis of players starting with Lucas Pratto, for example, he is not a good position, but he supports him a lot”Maceiras analyzes

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‘Tiger’ is one of those paternalistic coaches who tend to give some players many chances even when they are at their worst. Accomplished in Team Peru With some calls that caused controversy in public opinion, but it ended successfully. Addition Edison Flowers A vivid example in various cases.

“It was strange. In training I always felt a good atmosphere and atmosphere between all the parties who were united. But then on the field you don’t see that, they seem disunited.Delicio, a journalist who closely covers the daily life of the Tigray group, says.

“Players show little attitude, Little dedication to the Kareka who always publicly defends themTowards the club itself, there is little hope”, Total Delecio.

Something isn’t quite right Welles And poor results are a reflection of that. Argentina’s pass book is still open in July to contemplate reinforcements. Tiger must find his way back now. They are going to meet this Monday Central Rosary In linears, then they will visit bet of Paul Guerrero And they close a month earlier River plate As local. Can he turn things around like he did before with Peru? Time will tell.

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