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The fire could not be extinguished due to lack of water. Firefighters requested a Cedapal tanker. Photo: Mirian Torres / La Republica

And fire Larger rates of urbanization have been recorded in Palomares in the district Rimac. Firefighters say it’s a code three and two houses made of classic materials and corrugated iron are affected. As there was not enough water, the neighbors worked to put out the fire. The cause of the accident, which damaged two houses and injured 10 citizens, including a two-month-old baby, is still unknown.

The source of the fire is located in the property located at Lot 7, Mz C, jurisdiction near the communal complex. The incident took place around 08:50 pm in about 4 units General Fire Department They were able to put out the fire and drones were used to monitor it. Commander Freddy Rivera told La Repubblica that the injured were being treated for irritation to the nose and minor burns.

According to one of the witnesses, Maria, the fire was caused by a candle left by the owner of the property. “The girl recycled the bottles and all the houses there caught fire,” he said. On the other hand, Dr. Martin Tito of the Ministry of Health said that the injured have been shifted to hospital. Gaetano HerediOh for Loisa.

What to do in case of fire?

In case of emergency, the telephone numbers you can contact are 116, the fire department number or 105, the emergency center number. National Police of Peru.

  • In the event of a fire, remain calm and exit immediately through the exit route.
  • Immediately alert bystanders and call 116, the emergency center of the Public Volunteer Fire Department of Peru.
  • If there is a threat of fire, use a fire extinguisher if you know how to do so.
  • When exiting, make sure the door handles are not hot before exiting, which could indicate a fire on the other side.
  • Avoid inhaling the smoke and cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth. Under no circumstances should you return to a fire area unless instructed to do so by firefighters.
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