Romania secures three airports with Ipsotech technology

As a winner of defense contracts, IpsotechCompany EvidenceAlong with the Coordinator UTI CFM They will use AI-based video analytics applications to detect abandoned luggage, identify vehicles, etc.

IpsotechCompany Evidence and a provider of artificial intelligence-based video analytics solutions for mission-critical applications, awarded three separate contracts to implement its technology. Romanian Airports of Cluj, CPU Y A marchtogether with its partner and co-ordinator UTI Construction and Facility Management (UTI CFM).

Both companies should be held accountable Provision and deployment of video analytics systems It is the latest generation to improve the safety and operational efficiency of these airport facilities.

Key applications include: Baggage detection Abandoned, Vehicle entry Unauthorized in restricted areas, Abandoned car sign and tailored to other video analytics solutions Traffic and passenger crowd management At each airport.

Ipsotek UTI CFM Airport Romaniato Stephen PapaloisIpsotek's account director in the United Kingdom and Europe, said, “These projects represent important milestones in security and operational excellence at Romanian airports and in expanding our presence in this market together with UTI CFM.”

Planned deployment of Ipsotek's AI video analytics solutions at Cluj, Sibu and Sadu Mer airports”Change operational and security processesIt plays a fundamental role in ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers and staff by providing practical information and streamlining incident response.

A provider of specialized solutions for civil and critical infrastructure purposes, UTI CFM is a leading company in the installation and integration of airport systems in Romania, raising the operational efficiency of airports to higher levels.

This is what he is pointing out Tudor Radulescu, Technical Director of UTI CFM: “Our strong collaboration with Ipsotek has created state-of-the-art security solutions that are much needed by Romanian airports. Its advanced video analytics software brings real benefits to security operators, leveraging AI to increase situational awareness and improve the ability to detect events that might otherwise go unnoticed by even the eyes of an experienced security room expert. Control”.

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Ipsotek has already deployed more than 140 of the technology in airports around the world, and UTI CFM collaborates with the relevant authorities of these facilities in Romania to ensure seamless integration, customization and support throughout the implementation process.

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