Russia bombed the floodplain of Jershon, which Ukraine condemned

Ukrainian government Several injuries were reported in the attack, with the focus being on the centre GersonAfter the destruction the city was flooded Gakovka Dam.

And Russian bombing In the center GersonAfter the destruction the city was flooded Gakovka DamNine were injured, according to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, after the regional prosecutor’s office initially reported one death.

“Nine people were injured after the bombing,” the ministry said in a telegram, noting that there was “no information available” on possible deaths.

Regional Governor, Oleksandr Prokhudinconfirmed the number and noted that among the injured were “two rescue workers, a policeman, a nurse and a German volunteer”.

A few hours earlier, the regional prosecutor’s office indicated in a statement that one citizen had died and two others were injured.

“A number of civilians have been injured and killed as a result of the Russian shelling in the center of Kherson, the number is specified,” a military spokesman said. Sergey Sergeyev.

Worrying statistics

Another blast in a nearby town injured four people, the prosecutor’s office said Gerson.

Kiev The Russian military blames the bombing Gerson, following the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam on the Dnieper River, at a time when thousands of civilians were being evacuated from flooded areas. (AFP)

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