Russia to receive second batch of Su-35S, likely to receive F-16s in Ukraine

Alpha Sans/Digital Aviation, Sp.- More than 500 days after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, Aircraft continue to play a minority role in this conflict Or, at least, not that important.

Russia proved not to have air superiority for reasons analysts and experts continue to investigate, and the Zelensky government insisted that NATO countries help Kiev by sending F-16 fighter jets, which they have already agreed to. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has shown that aviation remains a drag.

Faced with the aircraft becoming available to Ukraine, the majority are from the former Soviet Union and coincide with the progressive export of the F-16, which will begin training Ukrainian pilots. Russia has received the second batch of new Su-S35 multirole fighter jetsAlthough how many of these have been awarded has not been disclosed.

In particular, it is at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Russian plant «Yu.A. Gagarin”, belonging to the United Aeronautical Corporation (UAC), was developed by Russia to strengthen Russian aeronautical enterprises. The aircraft has gone through a cycle of ground and flight tests in different operating environmentsKnAAZ flies from the airport to your current destination.

General Director of PJSC UAC said “The Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant manufactures aircraft equipment within the framework of the State Defense Order, within the terms set by the contracts, ahead of the delivery deadline, Meeting the needs of the Russian space forces in modern aircraft systems».

In fact, despite its capabilities, this aircraft It was shot down several times by the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces.

Characteristics of the Su-35S

The Su-35 Generation 4++ aircraft, also known as the Su-35S, is a multirole fighter aircraft of Russian origin developed by Sukhoi, a division of the UAC. In its main features It highlights its ability to use air supremacy and can perform various tasksincluding air strikes and destruction of ground and surface targets.

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On the other hand, the aircraft has high flight performance Allows you to operate in different weather conditions and at long distances from your baseAs well as being highly maneuverable and agile, it can perform complex maneuvers and face challenging combat situations.

Besides, The Su-35S is equipped with long-range detection and tracking systems that allow it to detect and track targets. Enemies from a significant distance. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with a modern communication system that allows high-speed exchange of information with ground control points and other aircraft.

As for his arsenal, The Su-35S carries a wide range of high-performance, long-range air-to-air and air-to-surface guided weapons., which increases its versatility on the battlefield and is equipped with a highly effective defensive system and electronic countermeasures to increase its survivability in hostile environments. It is equipped with a 30mm GSH-30-1 cannon with a rate of fire.

Additionally, The aircraft includes new engines with digital control system (FADEC) and Thrust Vector Control, which significantly improves its performance and maneuverability.

F-16 vs Su-35S

Both the F-16s and Su-35S fighters consider themselves modern and highly capable fighters. There are significant differences in terms of design, performance and technology.

Countering the characteristics of the Su-35S, the F-16, also known as the “Fighting Falcon”, It is a light, multi-role fighter aircraft developed by Lockheed Martin of the United States.s. Due to its versatility and low operating cost it is currently widely used by many air forces around the world.

This fourth generation fighter is primarily designed for air superiority and ground attack missions. In addition, it is agile, has a good thrust-to-weight ratio and maneuverability. Dog fighting makes you effective in dog fightingThat is, close air combat between fighters face-to-face.

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Additionally, The F-16 is equipped with advanced avionics and sensor systemsIt allows it to operate in modern environments and has enhanced sensitivity and situational awareness capabilities.

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