SAES is a benchmark in constant innovation in underwater technology

The latest edition of the International Defense and Security Fair (Feindef) was held in Madrid from May 17 to 19 with enormous national and international participation. SAES (Submarine Acoustic and Electronic Systems) strengthened its leadership as a company specializing in technology and underwater safety in the fields of safety and security and environment. In the words of its president, Joaquín López Bacon, this is “a turning point after 34 years of work that encourages us as a public company to continue to contribute with maximum commitment to our country’s security and defense technology sector.”

The event is an ideal setting to showcase SAES and its dual technology capabilities (for defense and civil sectors) in signal processing through critical infrastructure such as sonars, acoustic intelligence systems, measurement of signatures and intelligence, security and surveillance systems. Ports, thermal power plants, refineries, offshore wind farms etc.

Within the framework of the exhibition, SAES and the Center for Naval and Marine Technology (CTN) signed an agreement for sustainable technological innovation in the marine sector and protection of the marine environment. The two companies will work together to address the issues of noise pollution in the marine environment, develop technologies for sustainable digital transformation in the maritime sector, and address challenges in the maritime industry keeping in mind the safety of seas and oceans.

The company also valued its commitment to developing unmanned underwater vehicles

In this sense, SAES will use its technical capabilities, knowledge and skills to deepen its sustainability strategy, focus on protecting the marine environment and collaborate in the development of products that reduce sound and electromagnetic pollution in oceans and seas. The collaboration with CTN will allow SAES to expand its vision of adding value to its business operations in terms of environmental protection, innovation and conservation.

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One of the events that had the biggest impact on this edition of Feindef was the commitment of Navantia, SAES and Perseo Techworks to develop a series of unmanned underwater vehicles with sophisticated sensors. The project seeks to apply inspection and surveillance capabilities in increasingly demanding environments. SAES will bring its expertise in sonar technology, underwater communications and operational concepts to provide tactical and operational capabilities for unmanned vehicles. The collaboration between the three companies will drive innovation in the field of autonomous underwater vehicles, providing safe and cost-effective solutions for defense missions and civil applications.

Feindef is a meeting point for strengthening strategic alliances and closing cooperation agreements, such as the one closed with SH Defense, for SAES mining systems to work in coordination with their deployment units. It is also an opportunity to attend conferences organized by the organization with officials and experts from the field of safety and security.

Sara García Ruiz, Manager of Digital Transformation and Innovation at SAES, participated in the Innova panel on ‘Open Innovations and Startups: Opportunities and Challenges for the Defense Industry’ on Friday, May 19.

The aim of the group is to bring the experience of highly integrated companies closer to ‘startups’ and to talk about opportunities and challenges for the defense sector and open innovation, through which SAES collaborates with universities, technology centers and other institutions. The Virtuous Circle of Innovation.

The company works on cutting-edge projects such as new-generation unmanned underwater vehicles and collaborates in the fight against noise pollution in the marine environment. Open innovation is essential to attract and retain talent, as well as align with SAES’ sustainability strategy.

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SAES’s role at Feindef has been very successful, signing several contracts, strengthening strategic alliances and positioning itself as a leading company in technology and underwater security. In addition, SAES’ new corporate image and new brand story were presented at the exhibition as part of the company’s modernization process that began last year. A brand built on the history of everyone who makes up the company, and it protects the common work of innovation, development and security. SAES stands for Innovations for a Safer World.

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