Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day: For this reason it is celebrated every June 29 | Answers


This Saturday, June 29, the St. Peter and St. Paul’s Day, one of the most important festivals for faithful followers of the Catholic Church. This date commemorates the joint feast of both the apostles and the witnesses of Jesus.

As the Bible says, Simon was baptized by Jesus of Nazareth as Peter, the first disciple of the Son of God and elected the first Pope of the Catholic Church. He was a fisherman by profession before becoming a disciple of Jesus. His daily activity led him to entrust Jesus with the task of being a “fisher of men.” For this reason, Pedro is considered the “Patron of Fishermen”.

Likewise, Christ renamed Peter the “Rock” of the Church and spoke to him the following words: “You Peter, on this rock I will build my church”, a phrase found in the biblical text Matthew 16,16. After this event, Peter humbly accepted the mission until the day he died as a martyr.

On the other hand, in the beginning, St. Paul was a persecutor of Christians when he was known as Paul of Tarsus. Later, he converted to Christianity and changed his name to what we know today. Saint Paul is considered the “Apostle of the Gentiles”.

Paul is regarded by all Catholics as a model of evangelism because after finding Jesus Christ on his way, he gave himself to the cause of the Gospel.

Why are Saints Peter and Saints celebrated?

The day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is considered one of the most important holidays in the religious calendar for all Christians. The commemoration is celebrated every year on June 29 and commemorates the martyrdom of Simon Peter and Paul of Tarsus in Rome, considered the most remembered martyrs in Christian history.

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How many non-working days are there in 2024?

According to him Published in the Official Gazette El Peruano’s Legal Standards Bulletin, the non-working days for this year are as follows:

– Friday, July 26, 2024.

– Monday, October 7, 2024.

– Friday, December 6, 2024.

– Monday, December 23, 2024.

– Tuesday, December 24, 2024.

– Monday, December 30, 2024.

– Tuesday, December 31, 2024.

When is the next holiday in June 2024?


Saturday June 29: St Peter and St Paul.

Official list of public holidays in Peru for 2024

1- New Year

2/3- Thursday and Good Friday

4- Labor Day

5- Arica Battle and Flag Day

6- Saint Peter and Saint Paul

7- Peruvian Air Force Day

8/9- National holidays

10- Battle of June

11- Holy Rose of Lima

12- Battle of Angamos

13- All Saints Day

14- Immaculate Conception Day

15- Battle of Ayacucho

16- Christmas


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