Salary hike for teachers 2023-2024, how much will teachers salary increase?

But no There is a link to consult with the ITOne of the issues at the center of public opinion this 2023 is our Country, is a pay rise for teachers. But when will this happen? Increase And, above all, how much is the monthly salary teachers In Peru? We give you the details in this note from EL TIEMPO.

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On July 14, 2023, representatives of the Ministry of Education (MINEDU) and leaders of the Unitary Union of Education Workers of Peru (SUDEP) met. At that meeting, Minedu and Sudep signed the Collective Bargaining Agreement 2023 – 2024, in which the governing body of Peruvian education guarantees the validity of public schools and free education.

One of the clauses of the agreement was a salary increase for teachers and basic education assistants. What will it look like and when will it increase? It is detailed below.

Sudep leadership after deals with Minedu. Photo: Sudep

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What is the salary increase for teachers and teaching assistants in 2023?

Although no information has been given on when the salary hike for teachers will take place this year 2023, Sudep, through its website, has said that the hike will not be less. S/ 500 and it will be fulfilled in 2024. This approach should be reflected in next year’s budget.

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Likewise, an extraordinary bonus of S/ 220 will be paid in September 2023 and another of S/ 380 in the first quarter of 2024 for a total of S/ 600.

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When will 2023 teacher salary hike be given?

As we mentioned earlier, there will not be a salary increase for teachers and assistants in 2023, because, according to Sudep, this issue will be active next year, that is, in 2024.

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Minedu will issue a new S/380 bond in 2024

Another of the grants given to basic education teachers and assistants is an extraordinary bonus of S/ 380. It will be delivered in the first quarter of 2024.

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